Sun in 7th house

Sun in 7th house

Placement of Sun in 7th house affects the behaviour and personal life of a person. Having Sun in this house is not a good indication for marital life. 7th house of the kundli is for life partner, married life, financial status, career, foreign trip etc. It means if the Sun is present in this house it will affect a person accordingly. So, let's explore how does Sun influences all these aspects of a person’s life when it sits in the 7th house.

How does Sun in 7th house affect the relationship of its natives?

Well, since the 7th house represents married life, having Sun in this house will affect the person’s married life adversely. It means that they will enjoy a troubled married life. The natives of Sun in the 7th house get the spouse who is filled with a lot of ego and anger. The spouse comes from an influential family and they have an impressive personality. It doesn’t mean that they will not have a happy life if they are equal political status then the relation flourish but, in case they are too different from each other then in such cases they will have a troubled life filled with arguments and differences.

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Personality and behaviour of people having Sun in 7th house

Individuals having Sun in 7th house have high self-respect. They are confident and have good administrative quality. Sun represents energy it means which also affects the health and personality of the person. Sun in 7th house makes the personality of its natives better and also keeps one away from diseases and illness. The energy of the Sun may make you more aggressive but it works in motivating the person.

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Career of people with Sun in 7th house

Since 7th house represents career, having Sun in this house affect the professional life of the person. It can bless you with a career in government organization, it also influences your daily earnings in a positive manner. Such people if going into a partnership it will flourish. Sun also gives its natives positive attitude and aggressiveness; it takes you to great professional heights.
Since the people having Sun in 7th house are good administrators they prove excellent managers. They have the will and the power to make people work. Sun in 7th house also opens avenues of the government job. If such individuals compete for any government elections then they have to face stiff competition which may turn ugly sometime. Such individuals should try to escape from litigations especially if they don’t have a stronghold in the political field.

While on one hand, the placement of Sun in 7th house of birth chart gives leadership qualities but can also make a person egoist & running after pride. They could be short-tempered & restless if what they is not done. On the other hand, such persons are religious and god fearing.

There are few very important factors to consider when sun is in seventh house of a natal chart.

Career selection should be done strictly based on birth chart as many people feeling buoyant with sun in seventh house keep trying for highest positions in job. But sun in 7th house does not mandate it for all thus one should not lose the opportunities of grabbing other positions inferior to the highest offices. I have seen many spoiling their valuable years with sun in 7th house will get them highest position job & reject other opportunities. Read  my latest interview in OUTLOOK INDIA more as to how Astrology helps in career selection.

Such people should try to control their emotions with father and others in positions above them else it can create conflicts in interests & sour relationships which some time can become irreversible also.

Third due to high esteem , ego and being restless, such people can spoil their married life. Therefore they should marry only after thorough horoscope matching of charts. Read what does a perfect charts matching for marriage means with cross verification of marriage compatibility factors, especially how to adjust in married life.

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Health of natives of Sun in 7th house

Mostly Sun affects the health positively but sometimes it can cause certain skin ailments especially due to physical contact. This mostly happens when the Venus is in 6th house or Mars is in 7th, 8th or 12th house. If the disease is timely treated, then it proves to be effective. Having Sun in 7th house can cause peptic ulcers but it doesn’t lead to the cancerous complains.  People with Sun in 7th house are not very good in the sale and purchase of prized assets like property, gold etc. In such cases, they must always consult with others before indulging in buying the products to save themselves from bluff or cheating.