Sun in 6th house

Sun in 6th house

The placement of Sun in 6th house is called Ripu Hanta, Shatru Hanta and Shatari. People having Sun in 6th house will conquer their enemies and will prove to be great friends. They can go to any length to help their friends. It is one of the most powerful positions as per astrology. People with the Sun in this bhava will share a great bonding with their mother, brothers and sisters. A strong sun in sixth house of birth chart affect many aspects of life like Career, Health, Finance, Family and married life of a person. 

Personality of people having Sun in 6th house

As mentioned above such people have great relationships with their mother, brother and sister. They are also very helpful by nature and help their friends even if it demands them to live in penury. Coming to their physical trait, they are well-built and have a great personality. They are very determined and sincere. Such individuals are perfectionists and work arduously to attain the high position. They are highly demanding when it comes to the work-front. People with Sun in the 6th house get accolades and admiration for their work. But, it may sometime also fetch some jealous colleagues. They will have a harsh attitude towards them. Under any circumstances, the Sun in 6th house helps its natives to overcome their enemies and emerge as the winner. Overall, the presence of Sun in 6th house helps is making individual a strong individual.

An important point to note about natives of Sun in 6th house is that they love their work which may sometimes turns them arrogant and snobbish. They may become over-demanding from others. People with Sun in 6th house should be aware of getting over-confident. Sometimes their good work makes them too confident on themselves making their colleagues and subordinates turn angry towards them.

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Personal life of people having Sun in 6th house

If someone has the Sun in 6th house along with Ketu in 1st house or 7th house, then such individuals are blessed with the son who brings stronger fortune. If one has Sun in 6th house along with Mars, Moon and Jupiter in 2nd house then they are beneficial for the following tradition. If they have Sun in 6th house without Moon, Mars or Jupiter in 2nd house then they would get into the government job after they turn 22 years.

Career selection using astrology is also largely dependent on the placement of Sun in your horoscope. Mainly Sun in Sixth house leads to success for people aspiring highest positions in Govt. like IAS, IPS & other higher positions in Govt. and public offices. Read more as to how sun in birth chart helps selecting career

Sun in horoscope especially of male natives immensely help a person selecting life partner. Because a very strong sun in male’s horoscope can make a person very authoritative and dominating. Read more as to how this will affect marriage compatibility factors in marriage and charts matching for marriage

If Sun is in the 6th house and Jupiter in 5th, 9th or 10th house then it will help such people reaching high profile position in legislature at the state or national level, but if these houses have Mercury and Sun is in 6th house then would be a bit hesitant in public speaking and would face difficulty.

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Different theories about Sun in 6th house

When it is about the effect of Sun in 6th house then the Western astrology believes that such individuals will have differences with their father, however the Indian perspective is a bit different. It says that the 10th house rules father so such an individual cannot have bad relations with them.

When it comes to self-employment, then natives of Sun in 6th house are not much inclined for self-employment. Having Sun in 6th house blesses the individual with an impressive personality and good health. However, the malefic Sun makes the individual suffer from health issues like asthma, nervous problems, heart trouble, diphtheria, bronchitis etc. Females having Sun in 6th house indicates pleasure and passion, while the males with the same Sun's position will gain state recognition but it may turn them arrogant and short-tempered.

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