Sun in 4th house: How it influences the life of an individual?

Sun in 4th house

On the professional front, people having the Sun in 4th house will flourish if they are in government, semi-government or public services. Although, many astrologers believe that the 4th house having the Sun in it especially in Aquarius, Leo and Libra then it creates hurdles in their life. Natives with this kundali arrangement will not get the affection from their mother in their childhood. This may continue even when they grow up and the relationship between the mother and the son may turn sour.

Such individuals get a lot of praise in the society. They get respect and felicitation from the higher authorities like presidents, Prime Ministers or any other high dignitaries if they have the Sun in 4th house. If they hold any administrative positions or are managing high positions in any establishments, organization or industry, they can be partial. Though they may say that they are impartial in their work but that’s not true. If they have Capricorn or Virgo in the 4th house, the people may have to face integrity issues.

People with the Sun in 4th house often boast about their social work. They do contribute towards the development of shelter homes, small dams, widow homes, night shelters, ponds, schools etc. But their monetary contribution is very less as compared to what they brag.  This position of Sun helps the individuals become the owner of the property and immovable assets. The Sun in 4th house helps the individuals to inherit property from their maternal side. They become the owner of immovable property which also adds on to the assets that they possess. People with the Sun in 4th house do everything to help their friends and are very supportive of them.

Effect of the Sun in the 4th house on the behavior of the person

People having the Sun in 4th house become very arrogant in case they commit any violation of traffic or law and order. They can also put the blames on others. When it comes to their relationship with their seniors, then the natives of the Sun in 4th house are flattery. They leave no stone unturned to impress their bosses and seniors, and expect the same from their subordinates. In case they don’t get the same praise and sycophancy from their juniors or subordinates, they may create hurdles for them.

Another negative trait of the people with Sun in 4th house is that they often tell their children about the challenges and hurdles they have faced in the upbringing of their children. But, this is not with an intent to tell them about the past years of their childhood but to put the burden of expectations on the children. People with the Sun in 4th house will have to face trouble in relations, problems on the domestic front like separation, poor relations, health issues etc. in the first of their life. However, the things begin to change in the second half of the life (after the age of 22), they will get everything from life, from a good job to great relations everything comes back.  Success, status and growth come in the life of the people having the Sun in 4th house.

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