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Why is the job not progressing ?

The goal of every human being is to get successful in their job and career. Everyone shows complete dedication and devotion throughout their life to chasing their dreams. However, failure often strikes despite adequate qualifications and sincere dedication toward work. Despite your positive efforts to reach your goal, you encounter new obstacles in your career journey every day. Your education, general knowledge, and all high-scale degrees are also overlooked during such a time. Continuous failures in catching deserved success make you frustrated and depressed, and as a result, not only your's but your whole family's lifestyle is affected badly. Planetary movements play a vital role in the fate and deeds of a person. Even your tremendous efforts will only provide you the deserved success if the placement of the planets is favorable in your kundli. It is a bitter truth that if your planets do not support you, your knowledge, effort, and hard work also go in vain.

The topic of today's post is the same for everyone since we all are dealing with it. We all wonder why success slipped out of our hands when we were so close to it. Many excellent and easy astrological remedies can be done to appease the planets in the kundli and eliminate the obstacles coming in your career journey. Let's have a detailed view of these measures and try to understand these measures on the astrological scale.

Main reasons for lack of progress

Are you facing problems like your work is not acknowledged and appreciated in your field? Your work becomes dull, and there is nothing new to learn. You feel your job has no fire element because it is so simple and regular that anyone can perform it efficiently. You feel you have been doing the same job for a long time. Most of the time, you will leave empty-handed, and others will take the credit for your work. You will feel disinterested in your job. You feel ashamed as your juniors take the lead against you. The person's progress is undoubtedly halted if some or all of these statements are true, resulting in the individual not receiving credit for their work and not getting credit for their accomplishments. Meanwhile, when these conditions persist, their remaining inner energy disappears as well, and all doors to progress shut one by one, resulting in disorientation towards the work. At last, they lament over their own condition.

The results and consequences of lack of career progress

You may fall into a state of depression if these conditions persist for a long time. Your health may also start deteriorating. In addition to this, your home environment is likely to be filled with negative energy, tensions, and troubles. It will be better to alarm yourself in such a situation because you fail to control the circumstances despite your tremendous efforts. You have to understand that now the ball is not in your court. It is in the court of someone who knows how to read and analyze one's horoscope. In these circumstances, only an experienced astrologer can determine what a person should do based on the horoscope since your kundli contains the hidden keys to all your problems. 

Astrological measures for fast career growth

If you have deep knowledge of astrology, you must know that if your tenth house is weak, you will not easily taste success in your career. It is challenging to strengthen your tenth house by natural means. For this, every obstacle must be removed carefully so that you will attain mental stability. Also, you must perform every task in such a way that destiny will bless you with success and growth in your career. Sometimes, people misguide you. As a remedy for your problems, they often suggest you worship this or worship them. These fake measures will not provide beneficial results; the situation may worsen because problems can evolve into more serious ones.
Examining the tenth house of the horoscope is essential to avoid these intense and terrifying problems. Therefore, it is crucial to observe who is blocking the tenth house, which planets are aspecting or transiting it, etc. What are the negative factors that affect your life negatively? How can you overcome this negativity? If this negativity stays inside you for a long time, it will spoil your personality. To avoid picking up negativity and leaving a negative legacy, your juniors, seniors, and boss start saying that you won't be able to do it.

Do you face similar challenges? It would be beneficial for you to get your kundli analyzed. We wish you success in your career, so we suggest you contact us and check your horoscope. Detailed knowledge or kundli analysis will help you make progress in your career.