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Will Divorce Be Beneficial ?

Marriage is not just a physical union of two persons; instead, it is a more spiritual union. Marriage in Hinduism means companionship for seven births. But sometimes, the situation becomes so worse that it is better for both of them to separate than to live a suffocating life.

In some circumstances, divorce proves beneficial. This statement may sound controversial and strange, but the truth is that there are some circumstances in which separation may be advantageous. However, these benefits depend on the couples and their circumstances. Moreover, there is no certainty that all the separating couples get the benefit. Many couples are not happy in their married life. Sometimes the conflicts arise to such a level that the partner becomes a victim of mental harassment to physical abuse. Domestic violence even occurs in many cases. Despite living in such difficult circumstances, victims first think about what people will say and what society will say if they take a divorce. How did they lead their life socially or financially if they separated? For such reasons, they stay together even if they don't want to. It is only sorrow and pain that one receives from such marital relationships. We should begin by understanding that relationships are sweetest when maintained and harmonious, not when separated, but sometimes separation is the bitter truth.

Extenuating circumstances in Divorce

Sometimes a person's natal chart needs strong yogas to support a successful marriage. Unfortunately, if a partner's horoscope contains such yogas, which creates hurdles in living a sweet married life, the couple has to face conflicts in their routine life. As a result, this house has become a battleground where you can hear new explosions every day. In such a situation, if such a couple stays in a joint family, all other family members are forced to bear the consequences of these adverse circumstances. The marriage of such mismatched people never reaches the right place. In this situation, if the kundli of both shows that their life will be less painful if they live alone, separating them is beneficial.

Significant reasons for differences

Despite having a lot of ancestral land property, the Husband feels small and neglected if his wife's educational qualification is much higher than his. In such a case, many differences emerge due to a lack of compatibility, resulting in a rift in their relationship. 

Sometimes the excessive inclination of a wife toward her family can become the primary cause of indifference between the couple. A wife may be entirely devoted to her family, and as a result, she is unable or unwilling to maintain harmony in her household. Apart from this, in some cases, there is no truth in certain things done before marriage. There are also times when a strong person gets a weak life partner, and a free person gets a submissive one. As a result, the differences between the two parties will not end, and each other will continue to be attacked with new weapons daily in the domestic field of Kurukshetra.

Proper analysis of the kundli

In such a situation, a person must thoroughly inspect their horoscope to see whether there can be further sustenance. There is no point in staying together if there is no possibility of further sustenance. It is an injustice to make such predictions based on the kundli of one; instead, it requires the birth charts of both spouses. After examining these horoscopes, only a competent astrologer can suggest the right path.

Why is divorce beneficial?

If living together is impossible, it is better to get divorced, and after separation, both people can choose their ways to move on. They are free to settle their life again with someone more compatible and understanding for them. 

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