shani ki dhaiya

Laghu Kalyani Dhaiya:

Transit of Saturn on the 4th house from Moon Lagna (Ardhastama Saturn) affects significations of 4, 6, 10 and Moon Lagna whereas transit of Saturn on the eighth house from Moon (Ashtama Saturn)- affects significations of 8, 10, 2 & 5 house .

Kantaka Saturn:

When Saturn is in 4, 7, 10th house from Moon Lagna – affects the significations of these houses and the three houses aspected by transiting Saturn.

Sign-wise Aristha Period during Sadhe Sati:

Moon Sign                               Arishtha

Ari                                           Middle 2½ yrs

Leo                                         1st 5 yrs.-Middle 2½  yrs are speciallybad

Sag                                         First2 ½  yrs.

Tau                                         First 2½  yrs

Vir                                           1st 5yrs.-Middle 2½  yrs are specially bad

Cap                                         1st 5 yrs.-First 2½     yrs are specially bad

Gem                                        Last 2½  yrs

Lib                                            Last 2½   yrs.

Aqu                                          First and Last 2½ yrs. (Total 5 yrs.)

Can                                          Middle 2½      yrs

Sco                                           Last 5yrs.-Middle  2½  yrs are too bad

Pis                                            Whole 7½yrs.-last 2½ yrs. especially bad.


Vahan (Vehicles) of Saturn:

Count from birth Moon Nakshatra to Moon's Nakshatra at the time of Saturn's ingress in a sign. Divide by 9. The remainder indicates the vehicle of Saturn.


Remainder         Animal                  Result

1                          Ass/Donkey            Loss

2                          Horse                     Victory

3                          Elephant                Success

4                          Buffalo                   Comforts

5                          Lion                        Average, mixed result

6                          Fox/bear                Destruction of enemies

7                          Crow                       Mourning

8                          Peacock                  Gains

9                          Swan                       Happiness


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