Fate can force one to sit in an unpopular restaurant filled with weird waiters who bring things which neither he likes nor is ever asked for. And so also is rightly said that trouble never comes alone but it visits with too many like-minded relatives to rattle the native from all quarters. The utterly ugly,lame and excessively slow Saturn oversees one's karma and is the chief controller who manages one's professional endeavours. This means that those doing exceptionally well in their business or profession have a supporting Saturn and those who do miserably have an opposing or a Saturn that is not working for them. But wait! This reverse functioning Saturn is not just spoiling the professional life but has a considerable say in all domains (all twelve houses) of life. Imagine a person who is not doing professionally well, his self-esteem and confidence (matters of the first house) gets shaken up, his expressive skills (related to the second house) also takes a beating. His courage and new opening (matter of the third house) depletes, tensions brews in his home (relating to the fourth house). His love life and relationships with is children (issue related to the fifth house) also deteriorates, his enemies multiply (matter related to the sixth house) ready to pounce on him. His relationship with his spouse (related to the seventh house) take a back seat; this also throws his health back (issue related to the eighth house). The fate(matter of ninth house) stops shining for him, as already said Saturn is holding the profession(issues of the tenth house) down, the incomes (matter relating to the eleventh house) fades and the expenditure or the loss rise(matter of the twelfth house). Most of us worry about the aspect (Dristhi) of the Saturn thinking that it just spoils only those houses where it casts its aspect but do not realize that a malefic Saturn has a negative say on each house of the horoscope which can rattle out the native. I have seen people indulging themselves in huge rituals to appease and set straight the Saturn but do those people not forget that what wrongs were committed through karma can only be set right through its, karma's, correction. An in-depth analysis of the karmic journey of Saturn till date and its probable future course of journey Saturn with the correction karmic inputs for the desired path is the mantra of success. A little astrological guidance mind you not rituals can make person to get the maximum gains while following the path of least resistance says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a PHD Scholar in astrology on Connect at or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588.