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See the hidden agenda reveled by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Several times we come across such people who have been doing business in partnership for a long time but are not happy with their partner. They believe their partner does not play any significant role in running or improving their business. They think that only they are working hard to grow their business. Having this thought in mind, they want to separate their business. But it can also happen that that partner may not be helping you physically, but you are getting benefits because of the same partner through the yoga of your Kundli.  

Through this article, we want to throw light on how a partner can contribute to your business, not directly but indirectly.

Do you also have a dilemma regarding your business partner?

One day, Parmeet ji, a resident of Panchkula, called us and said-- "Guru ji, I want to know about myself." He was born in Panchkula on 2 February 1974 at 3:20 pm. On the basis of provided information, we prepared his birth chart and told him that their Ascendant is Libra and their zodiac sign is Aquarius. At this time, your Ascendant is debilitated, and your heart and mind are clouded with worries.

You may be prone to losing money if you give a little heat to these mental worries, which will disturb the tenth and eleventh houses of income. After explaining all this, we asked Parmeet ji what do you want to know now? Tell us.

Parmeet ji replied- Guru ji, I have been doing business in partnership for a long time. I have only one problem my partner does not contribute to the business but wants to suppress the profit. Hence, I want to start my own business. Please guide me. Is it appropriate to start my own business? After listening to his question carefully, we said that your primary concern is to start your own business. The second important thing is that you feel like you do all the hard work in the business and your partner takes all the profits while he does nothing. We will surely guide you if you want to know all this.  

During the process of creating your horoscope, we were figuring out what kind of work you would be doing. You must be involved in some business or doing some job. The yoga of doing business was not visible in your horoscope. But, fortunately, your seventh house is powerful. The seventh house, along with Bharya, i.e., wife, also gives strong indications about partnership. It means we can earn beneficial results if we do something in partnership. However, the yoga of doing business is looking weak in your horoscope, but you will surely get beneficial results if the luck of the other partner gets linked with yours.  

You have said that your partner does nothing but claim his share in the profits. We want to know that around three or three and half years ago, have you encountered any significant problems in your business. If yes, then how did you overcome that problem? Did you get any help from your partner in solving that issue? Please share all this information because this information plays a vital role in solving your issue. In reply to our question, Parmeet ji said – Yes, some time ago, we faced a significant problem. An income tax raid was about to happen. Income Tax officials had come to us. But this matter was quickly resolved because of my partner's familiarity with the department. 

Then we asked our second important question to Parmeet ji, have you come across any significant hurdles again in your business about six or eight months back? Did you have any consignments that were failed to get clearance or seized at the port by the authorities? 

We only know a little about your business, but we know that you get paid for doing any work in business. Has it ever happened that a payment has to come into your business and stopped for some reason? Despite all your efforts, you still need to receive your payment back. Then, with your partner's significant efforts, you have received your blocked money. Has this ever happened to you? Parmeet ji said - Yes, this also happened?

Now we will explain everything to you in detail. We told you in the beginning that there is no yoga in your horoscope to do business, but you can benefit from the partnership. When we work, sometimes we start thinking that I am doing all the physical work, so I am running the entire company, and my partner has no input. It happens that people work very hard physically to boost their business. 

Many of you must have done business and worked very hard physically. But sometimes, despite your strenuous efforts, you will not be able to grow your business. It happens because some people move forward on the strength of their luck, some on the strength of their influence, and others move forward because of the right decisions taken at the right time. As we already told you earlier, both your tenth and eleventh houses are in trouble, and as a result, you will feel distracted. That's why at this time, such thoughts are coming into your mind that you should leave your partnership. But by doing this, new problems may enter your life.

After understanding all your issues, we would like to advise you that you must try to stay happy with whatever profit you are getting. In the process of earning more profit, you should not tussle with your partner, and do not even think of leaving the partnership because you will suffer more loss if you leave the partnership. We want to draw your attention to one more important point you have called us, so our sympathies are also with you and not with your partner. Furthermore, even if your partner splits up from you, it won't affect him, but you will be in a lot of trouble. The positive point in your horoscope is that your seventh house is powerful. We hope that you have understood our words. 

Along with this, we want to tell you a small remedy you will wear Surya Mudrika on the ring finger of your right hand on Sunday. You will surely get positive results within five months. Undoubtedly, you will get superb results you have yet to receive to date. After that, call us, and we will love to listen to your new experiences.