Saturn transit in Jan 2020 can be game changer for many

Saturn transit

Fate changes with transit of planets - Saturn transit in Jan 2020

Planetary transits always play crucial role in our life. Very recently, Saturn transit will ingress Capricorn in late January 2020' which can be game changer for many. Transit of Saturn in January 2020 will have impact on both who are extremely successful or doing miserable at present. Therefore, need of the hour is to understand impact of this transit of Saturn and prepare yourself for the times ahead.

If you are given six hours to chop down a tree, sharpen your axe for the first four hours. Preparation is the key to any success story, and it is rightly said that victory is the child of preparation. The planetary transits or movements around the zodiac are God's roulette for us human but with a slight difference; the moves can be pre-calculated and analyzed, and the stakes can be placed accordingly.  During planetary transits i.e the transit of a planet from one sign to another can be a boon for some and bane for the others. It means that do not get confused with the dignity or the grandeur of the planet; a so-called 'badie' may not be bad for you or a certified 'goodie' may not be good for you.

Impact of Saturn transit in 2020

Consider this, Saturn is now transiting in Sagittarius and will ingress Capricorn in late January 20'. This means those who are not doing well in their fields at present can expect a change for better once this transiting Saturn changes its sign. Same way, those who are benefitting now because of its present transit may not necessarily benefit once it leaves the present sign. Here a lack of proper astrological preparation can spoil the game for both.

A person doing good in a particular duration of time continues with his style of working even with the planetary transits i.e when the planets have changed their positions. These people suffer on account of this. One wonders why things tumbling down & he is failing, has he forgotten his own skills but not able to figure the difference out. Similarly, a person continually not doing good fails to grab the positivity of the new beneficial planetary transits because of negativity sets in him so deep that he fails to recognize the positivity. And to promptly recognise these sunny and shady periods of life I always recommend to get a graph of future mapped.

Prepare yourself for Times Ahead – reap benefits from transit of Saturn

Mapping the future is a cumbersome job as it first requires recalling and then plotting the significant events of the past and then calculating the upcoming events of life, good or bad. Those professionals or businessmen who are waiting for some miracle to happen should immediately do a mapping done or at least understand what fate has in store for them. This type of mapping which showcases the future in respect of business and profession is known as Saturn mapping, the mapping which is done to understand the ailments is known as Jupiter mapping. Those who wish to map their married life go for Venus mapping. Here the foremost emphasis should be to know the intricacies of life through Vedic astrology & plan the moves ahead of the time so that difficult times pass without much hassle. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.