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Do you know other planets responsible for Marriage other than Venus?

According to Vedic astrology, the seventh house of the native's chart is the lord of love and matrimony harmony. It is interesting to know that different situations may arise due to the impact of other planets on this house. We want to reveal some more astrology secrets in this article. Many esteemed astrologers used to tell us how Marriage would be and how it would not happen by investigating karakas like the seventh and eleventh house of Marriage and ascendents. But, it is essential to note that many other factors other than Venus and Jupiter may affect Marriage.

Some popular remedies suggested by astrologers in case of obstructions in Marriage

Suppose you discuss marriage matters with some renowned astrologer with at least ten years of experience. In that case, he will mention the importance of the seventh house and its lord, as well as the ascendant and its lord, while giving the prediction related to the marriage. If we are discussing the topic of the Marriage of a girl, even the karaka of Marriage, Jupiter, plays an important role. Some more knowledgeable astrologers may highlight the importance of Navamsa in this case. 

We all know these things are true, and there is no doubt about it. Besides the above horoscope facts, many astrologers suggest fasts and bids for which horoscopes are not even required. For example - If someone recommends you to fast on Mondays or fast on Mondays of the auspicious month of Sawan or observe fast or worship Lord Jupiter, surprisingly, all knowledgeable people agree on these measures. But you will get nothing even after performing every measure carefully. In other words, the young man or woman remains unmarried.

Other vital factors that obstruct Marriage

Performing the remedies mentioned above make sense, or are they flawed? These statements are meaningful, but some loopholes can be seen only by an experienced astrologer with expertise in their field. Through this article, we want to highlight this topic in simple words. If, after tremendous efforts, the Marriage is not taking place, it means that there are some barriers in the Marriage, i.e., someone is preventing the union. 

In such a situation, we need to see which planet is creating hurdles in the path of Marriage. Is it not like that, knowingly or unknowingly, we are giving strength to those planets obstructing our Marriage? Yes, it is possible. Please check your kundli once again and see which planets are in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house from Jupiter concerning the seventh house, seventh house lord, Venus, and Virgo and are creating hurdles.  

The primary duty of an experienced astrologer is to locate the obstacles and nullify or weaken their effects. As the powers of the planets located in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house become weak, the strength of the karaka of the marriage increases, and as a result, the person will get married soon. When aging has become severe, simple measures do not work, and one has to consult an expert astrologer.

Importance of accurate testing of horoscope

Now, we can understand that besides Venus, other influencing factors also obstruct the path of Marriage. To get favorable results, it is essential to trace out the planets that are creating troubles in your Marriage. And after that, measures should be taken to minimize or neutralize their effects. 

You would have gotten married if all the people who have seen your horoscope had this quality. The fact that you have yet to tie the knot means that the famous astrologer must be more competent to tackle your obstacles. Therefore, getting a horoscope analyzed by the same astrologer would complicate things.

Please get in touch with us with your date, time, and place of birth. So that we can determine who is creating a toll in your marriage, how to remove them properly, and what their remedies would be.