Relevance of astrology in modern times

relevance of astrology

Vedic astrology is surely an authentic science provided astrologer practising on it upgrade themselves with the dynamics of modern times. Astrological analysis should be done keeping in mind changed circumstances & environment in present times unlike reading Horoscope on orthodox methods. Matching horoscope for marriage, kundli Milan based on only gun Milan, career horoscope reading based only on family background / social compulsions do not work today. Now lets read my latest column in HT City on 16.2.2020.

Incredible ways of doing astrology

Many marriages, love or otherwise, do not happen on the pretext of non-matching of horoscopes. The boy and the girl concerned blame the astrologers and, to a certain extent, the Vedic astrology and its astrological concepts who would have played the spoilsport. Last Sunday, I tried to clarify the myth behind non-Vedic matching of horoscopes for marriage and also tried to explain the scientific way of matching the horoscopes. The trick behind this matching is to understand the ways to match the unmatched aspects. Matching the unmatched aspects is the means to understand what changes are to be brought in one's life so that the married life runs smoothly.

Though this is tough, but obeying to planetary counseling does the trick. In my career thus far, there have been numerous cases wherein pre, and most marriage astro-counseling has immensely helped those whose horoscopes would not match the classical way. Isn't this a breather for those who are stuck and would not proceed because of the non-matching of the horoscopes? This Sunday, I would like to divulge something about the activation technique, which very few astrologers either use or understand. It was a sunny day long back when a concerned mother came to my office to get her son’s horoscope examined. Her son was to appear in class twelve examinations, but he had failed miserably in his pre-board tests. The school authorities were reluctant to let her son take on the boards.

She had managed to convince the principal to give her son one more chance to prove his preparedness. The exams were to happen soon, and if he did not improve upon his grades, he would not be allowed to sit in the Board examinations. She was anxious to know about his fate and was also keen to perform remedial measures that could help her son. Now, upon examining the horoscope, I found that the eighth house of the boy, which had considerable negative influences, was active. The eighth house is the house of long ailments and death.

I inquired about the health of the boy. His mother told me that he was doing fine, resting a lot, watches TV, and indulges in computer-aided games. I could see that there was a break in his education and could also sense that the health of the boy was deteriorating. But the lady insisted on knowing about his studies, considering he had become an escapist. This boy could not take his board examination because he had to deal with a tumor in his head, which was diagnosed when he collapsed just before his exams.

The good news is that he is surviving for the last ten years, but he took two years to recover. There are many similar tales of such relevance of astrology in modern times. Birth time rectification, past life analysis, guiding person to take advantage of planetary transits mainly Saturn transit, sun transit are some of the unique methods Vedic Astrology offers. But all this needs an astrologer to be professional and not business minded.

Dr Vinay Bajrangi is a PHD Vedic Astrologer. Read his previous articles on Media & Press. Connect with him at his website or blog.