Regular Feed back & Review of Progress

Feed back

Regular Feed back & Review of Progress

Infact this facility is provided only to the people who come to Dr Bajrangi with a faith and start following his advise on the Karmic Corrections and perform the rituals ( only if suggested by him). We expect the people to share their feedback after after sometime to see that things discussed are moving in the right direction. This is an element of confidence to the person.

When you consult him , understand the reasons of your issues discussed with him, then whatever he suggests you is bound to give results. But if one does not follow any of his advise and is just keen on asking same thing again and again OR wants to share any feedback only when it suits him / her, then we also become helpless.

Proper feedback after following his advise & treatement methods entitiles you to get an online Interface Code with him. This link is always Confidential & shared only as explained above.