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Will the divorce create some more problems?

In Hinduism, the bride and groom's horoscopes are matched to ascertain whether their married life will be happy and prosperous. If any defect is detected in a person's horoscope, either that defect is corrected or the individual will have a lot of difficulties finding an accurate match. However, some marriages end in court even after matching horoscopes. According to astrology, planetary movements are responsible for such harsh situations. It’s no wonder that divorce is still considered taboo and rather outlandish in Indian society. But sometimes such challenging situations arise so that a couple cannot live together smoothly. As a consequence, they decide to divorce, which causes problems in the long run.

What factors are associated with a higher risk of divorce?

We will discuss some of these problems that might lead to divorce and other problems after marriage today. Divorce is sometimes viewed as the more appropriate option than suffering in marriage. Unfortunately, we forget that this can result in further problems in our lives and that our horoscopes contain information related to this. Always remember that marriage and household life are like a chessboard, on which one wrong move can ruin everything. Therefore, before getting a divorce, you should review this article thoroughly.

Problems after divorce

The period after a divorce is harrowing and challenging for both parties and their children if they have any. To understand this, let's look at an example. Mrs. A was highly dissatisfied with her husband, Mr. A. In her opinion, Mr. A's job was not very lucrative, which made Mrs. A upset with him. Moreover, she used to doubt the intelligence of her husband. There were a lot of estrangements between Mrs. A and their in-laws' family members. If somebody tried to bridge a gap between both parties, then it would not be favorable for him. 
But the girl couldn’t be held responsible for the entire situation. There was a significant difference between her desires, aspirations, and reality. Due to her overbearing emphasis on this difference, others developed inferiority complexes and avoided her. Moreover, her family provided her with too much support, which caused her to become angry at every small thing. With the support of her family, the girl separated from her husband and dissolved her marriage.

Unfortunately, even after reaching her own home, there was no end to her suffering. Instead of reducing, her pain was increasing day by day. Due to the marriage of her elder brother, her sister-in-law had arrived at the house. She had a bitter relationship with her sister-in-law. Even a father who had devoted his life to his daughter had now turned away from her and started scolding her at every point. Aside from this, the mother was also worried about the girl's future and frequently cursed her. Her patience limits were crossed when no importance was given to her younger brother's marriage. She felt insulted. Her heart was broken. She considered herself nothing to her own family members. She started to feel that she was just a burden to all her family members. All the remarriage proposals she received belonged to older men. She still curses herself for breaking up with her husband and is in pain. 

Proper horoscope test/ Can astrology predict divorce in the future? 

Divorce is a pretty tough phase to go through. After that, it takes a long time to get back to everyday life. People are generally anxious about life after divorce. Your horoscope can give you detailed answers to all your queries. You are advised to consult a competent marriage astrologer or make a detailed investigation of the horoscope before making such challenging and life-changing decisions. This exercise is essential, or else you may become the victim of the most miserable phase of your life. You must carefully consider the pros and cons of divorce, and your horoscope can help you immensely.

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