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Why a raj yoga suddenly blemishes into all miseries

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Tackle negative yoga to stop loss

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies hidden in the stars and those who can decode it are the most successful of the lots. Those who have an excellent Laxmi Yoga (Wealth Yoga) or a delivering Raj Yoga also have a 'trouble from Government' Yoga in their horoscope, and the worst part is that this negative Yoga gets activated simultaneously with the wealth increasing and Raj Yoga progressing.  Although trouble from the Government, trouble from the courts of Law and the tightening of the various Government clutches are all seen from the same house, very thin lines distinguish between all these tensions inflicting significations. But a continual uncontrolled burst of negative energy in these houses can oversee the rise of multiple problems of unmanageable magnitude entangled into one another. Those who have a strong unblemished Moon with and equally strong Lagna and its lord have the capability to withstand this constant pressure but those who are devoid of this ability not only spoil their Raj Yoga but succumb to further multi layer problems. Now, this same house in the horoscope which is responsible for overseeing the tightening of the Government clutches or succumbing to the Law is also responsible for imparting ailments to the native and therefore when one signification of a house takes a beating the other signification like the health also goes down. So, if one has started facing some stiff problems from the Government, a court of Law or from other agencies deputed or being run for the Government, it is a time when health is also not to be neglected apart from putting in efforts to diligently solve the issues. But, the planetary position at these times is such that although one understands that what all could go wrong in the health perspective but s(he) barely can do anything to solve the issue. Here is when divine tactical intervention is needed to smoothen out the situation, or otherwise a series of negative events like rising in debts, doubts, cruel actions, enmity and the making of many enemies, mental worries leading to intense anguish, misunderstanding in partners and brothers start to unfurl. The action of the native at this point of time satisfies the enemies, and there is a constant possibility of theft (subordinates, servants turning foes) and an eventual prison. It is also a time when the native faces an eating disorder and various ailments of irreversible nature set to step in. The classical texts of astrology classify this period as "one falling from a boat." It, therefore, becomes essential to astrologically plan the time in such a way that the negativities do not mount on to the head of the native and the fruits of Raj Yoga keep blossoming Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing online astrology consultation and personal meeting for all type of astrology predictions. Read more on his blogs.