Prominent issues of natives having the Sun in 8th house

sun in 8th house

The Sun has the most potent & strong celestial presence. Health might be an issue for people having Sun in 8th house. Such individuals mostly suffer from sudden fever, skin ailments, heat strokes etc. Just as scorching rays of sun burns everything, the body may feel burning sensation, resulting in further aggravation. A sensitive part of the Body, anus, is directly associated with 8th house hence suffers most. Apart from it, blood circulatory issues have been observed. It is to be noted that the malefic influence of Sun, supported by malefic influences in the horoscope may cause serious illness which may be life-threatening. Sun may give health issues during its own mahadasha or antardasha which may last from a period of one month to six years.

The professional life of people with Sun in 8th house

Natives of Sun in 8th house of the horoscope gets favoured by the supreme presence of Sun. They qualify the competitions or interviews for government and semi-government services. The ever-powerful Sun also helps an individual get an entry into active politics. Sometimes even by working as a support to politicians & bureaucrats, the native gets benefited. In short, the Sun helps them to enter the upper strata of the society. Natives are may also be found actively involved in liaison work with the government. On the other hand, illegal activities such as smuggling are directly concerned with the 8th house. The direct connection of sun with government agencies and administration encourages a chance of conflict which may even result in physical assault of the native.

Ill-effects of Sun in 8th house

As discussed earlier, the 8th house rules the health. The natives of the horoscope may sustain minor injuries while performing any kind of stunt or sports activity. Also, the native has fair chances to sustain injuries during an election rally, processions, picketing of political and religious nature. Technically, all of the attributes form the running of government to administration in general.  A particular aspect of the natives of Sun in 8th house horoscope is getting involved in bribery. It may lead to a penalty, fine even imprisonment but a chance of death penalty is remote unless Sun is not directly involved with another strong start.

A common myth Busted

It is widely believed by few astrologers that the health of the father will get affected by the Sun in 8th house. It is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, the native’s horoscope helps the father have worldly gains and enjoy a good, healthy life. Sun, here, is actually responsible for the affectionate and strong bond between the father & his offspring.

An important point to note about the people having Sun in 8th house is that they have a different approach towards life. They have an unconventional way of thinking. When it comes to a relationship then it tests their patience at every stage. For such people adaptability to something new in the course of life. Sun in 8th house gives them the capacity to understand the deeper meaning of life. 

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