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Problems in Love life

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It benefits a person's emotional, social, economic, physical, and mental well-being. It's always a hot topic of discussion as its outline has changed from time to time. 

In the present scenario, it is crucial to talk openly about marriage's critical and crucial topic. Today we are going to carry forward the discussion related to Marriage. Unfortunately, sometimes your partner will become your enemy. Hence, today's topic is also about problems in love life. Seems interesting! Let’s know more about this topic.

What are the reasons for separation in Marriage?

The more we grow older, the less we estimate our relatives and close friends as intelligent than we are. There comes a time when we consider every other person futile in intelligence. Moreover, we believe that other people are inefficient and they can't even understand little things. People with strong ascendant lords, Sun, i.e., father, and Moon, i.e., mother, are in an enmity state; as a result, they do not let their families run ahead of them, or they don’t follow their orders. Most elope, marry in non-religious, another caste, or community contexts, and make their own marriage arrangements against the family’s will. 

Significance of horoscope in Marriage

Not all such marriages indeed fail, but most of these marriages do not survive, and those couples who tend to survive have many problems and disharmony in their relationship. Let us try to explore the root causes of all these problems. Sometimes, when some devil powers of the horoscope awakened and ruined even a twenty or thirty-year-old parent-child relationship. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that negativity spreads everywhere when these powers are reawakened in the opposite direction. The opposite feelings may surface toward the spouse, lover, or girlfriend. While we are not claiming that these powers act the same way with everyone, they certainly do not see customs or relationships and can damage any relationship.

Nevertheless, there are powers that, as long as they are kept in a dormant state, serve good results to you. Suppose you wish to live your life happily. In that case, there must be a robust relationship between the Ascendant and the seventh house in the horoscope, which means mutual respect, commitment, understanding, and tremendous courage to sacrifice. Otherwise, the more love there is, the worse it will be, and all the words and promises of love will be meaningless.

The proper kundli analysis solves the problem

The only way to get out of this problem is to look at the horoscope of the person who has been trapped in this problem because your horoscope has the key to all your problems. You are strongly advised to have a detailed and accurate study of your horoscope before taking any big step. You must alarm yourself for the strength and speed of such powers, or else the bird of love may fly away from the window immediately after Marriage. 

A further point to be noted is that those going through this, i.e., getting married and now experiencing problems between them, should have their horoscope tested adequately and, as a result, that they can get rid of these problems. We want that if you have the power of astrology in your hands, you should not face such problems and enjoy your life to the fullest. 
If you are also going through a rough phase of your life because of these problems, you should consult us before taking any difficulties. We are sure that our easy and effective remedial measures will significantly help you.