This section is for those whose charts do not match for marriage but / and are hell bend to get married.

There may be many parents and individuals who have shown their horoscopes for Marriage compatibility  but the Pundits have bluntly said  "NO". Read below carefully.

This page is an overall narration on pre marriage counselling. To read specific birth chart's related information and self-assessment click on pre marriage counselling.

I specialize in solemnizing marriage for those couples. I analyze your horoscope and foretell you the pitfalls in the relationships. If you are true in your relationships and adhere to what I say, the decision of NO derived from the orthodox beliefs, can be mended in your favor.

The common problems which have a Astro remedial measure are :

1. The family is not agreeing to the person I like or love.

2. You are not interested in the person that family has selected.

3. The deep love what you think could just be physical attraction.

I analyze the horoscope so as to evaluate:

1. How far you understand the partner's intuition.

2. Level of trust & intentions are short termed tempted by many things (like wealth, physical attraction, society / status etc) OR long term.

3. Till when the partner will be your top priority.

4. The emotional bondage that you both are going to share.

5. Do you respect the partner’s background,

6. Who is going to be the lead master?

7. The percentage of being patient and forgiving in both.

8. Who tries how much to change the other person.

9. How are the finances going to be and can you deal with it.

10. How much are you prepared to live alone?

11. The child angle, what you think right now and what the thoughts & reality would be eventually.

12. The values and ideology

These are the few points that are tested astrologically through different charts & angles and the results are foretold, so that each one of the partner knows the pros-cons of getting into the union ship.

I have done quite a substantial research of various factors of marriage astrology. Spend 3/4 minutes reading on this and probably you will understand reasons & get answer to many of your anxiety / questions.

For specific guidance on marriage issues, you can: