Predicts future life & path to follow life long

future life

Predicts future life & path to follow life long

Many a times & mostly people mix Astrology with Jyotish.

One must understand that Astrology primarily practiced in Western World means predicting future whereas Jyotish means laying the path for future based on the past deeds of a person.

Predicting future ( Astrology) which is unknown to both native & the Astrologer is little easy that the moment, it is being predicted, there is no basic yardstick to measure or authenticate it. But if one (Jyotish) peeps deep into someone’s past life) to underline  both good & bad karma of a person, of the past of this life  and the last life ( Dridh Karmas which are fixed & can not be changed now). Then correlates it with the impact of all these past deeds on the present situation in one’s life. Then guiding the person to correct the flawed Karma in present life ( these are flexible and in our hand) and then predicting the future of a person would be authentic. The native can rely upon the future predictions as the factual experience on the past is already established & made realised.