At times, we are so saddened with the married life that either it distracts our mind every time OR we feel divorce may be the perfect solution for eternal peace. 

Dr Vinay Bajrangi, famous astrologer in Noida , Delhi says that divorce is not the only solution for this.  We must try to spot the exact reasons for it & then,  efforts should be made to salvage whatever is left in the troubled relationship.  

A relationship necessarily needs an astro- counseling when you find some of the things as mentioned below happening in your life. I read the birth chart of both husband & wife, try to identify astrologically which of the below reasons dominant the relationship issue & then surely advise the way outs.

  • The first & the foremost factor in such situations is DISTRUST / Loss of respect for each other.
  • Indefferences on social status, family status, economic status etc.. 
  • We start feeling irritation , arrogance in each other's company.
  • The communication between both of you has dropped.
  • The communication if happens, is negative.
  • If one partner has an affair OR if one considers that the other is having an affair.
  • The presence of the other is no longer cherished.
  • When nothing concrete happens to resolve the difference, OR everything fails to resolve the difference.
  • When the only obvious solution is separation.
  • When the couple is staying together for the sake of children.
  • When the interference of each other's family becomes a mounting hurdle in the married life.

The astro-counseling is a Vedic methodology adopted to save the marriage. Here the charts of both the persons are seen at length and the negative planets are singled out.

The remedial measures along with Karma Korrection are suggested session wise.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - One should also read if some factors were analysed before the marriage nod, probably such situations would have never occurred. Learn more

So come & meet famous atrologer in Noida for all such issues who has handled many such cases where success is never an exception.