Tame the planets for stable growth

planets for stable growth

Your success journey cannot come under shadow if you are taking good care of your Saturn (Caring for employees), Mars (brothers), Venus (Wife and sister), Mercury (Kids), Jupiter (elderly and respected), Sun (Father) and Moon (mother). Such is the collective impact of these planets that one may not need any analysis of his / her own Horoscope. Read more in my latest article in HT City dated 8.3.2020.

Tame the planets for stable growth

In my previous writeup, I had discussed the mousetrap which inadvertently pull people by raising them to unexpected heights and then letting them fall deeply in a mess. These rises, and the subsequent falls are so swift that one does not get the slightest of the wind at any point of time till one succumbs to the adverse circumstances. Although it is not that hard to detect these "mousetraps" in a horoscope, one rarely visits an astrologer in his hay time. It is only when one observes an irreversible fall, he gets prompted to meet an astrologer, and probably it gets too late by then. 

It is therefore advisable to get a periodic horoscopic reading necessarily when one is doing unexceptionally well.  A stitch in time would undoubtedly save nine. I have been doing corporate group horoscopic reading sessions for quite some time now, and for this purpose, I once visited Palanpur (Gujarat).

Mr. Krisan Bhai Patel, CEO, and Partner of the company, had invited me to do a group reading of all of his employees.  As the company was significant with many employees, I had to spend four days in Palanpur. While doing my astrological research, I got the knowledge that every employee had huge respect and loads of praise for their employer, and that very few had left the company once they had joined it. After the session, Mr.Patel invited me to his home, which was in Deesa (Distt. Banaskata), a town nearby. While going to Deesa, he apprised that all his three younger brothers and father were equal state holders in the company and that they all lived in a big joint family.

I asked about his kids to which his driver chirped that so strong is the bond between the brothers that it is tough to recognize whose kid is who. I could see the respect he bestowed to his parents, which too, was extraordinary. One of his widowed sisters also lived with pride in the same house, and he had all care for her. Everyone came to me one by one with their horoscope, and Mr.Patel was equally anxious to know about their well-being. Mr. Patel's, a caring husband, eyes moistened while enquiring about his ailing wife. Lastly he placed his horoscope to me.  

Astrologically, he was taking excellent care of his Saturn (Caring for employees), Mars (brothers), Venus (Wife and sister), Mercury (Kids), Jupiter (elderly and respected), Sun (Father) and Moon (mother). I felt no need to go through his horoscope and just left it. Fourteen years have since past, and he is continuously progressing. This is what maintaining balancing of planets means which can be seen through a scientific reading of horoscope. 

So your success journey, success storey continues even without referring to your own Horoscope.