Pitra Dosha Can work positively also

Pitra Dosha work positive

HT City 16.9.18 - Pitra Dosha can work positively also:-

Rahu can be morally unworthy, but materialistically it knows no boundaries. It is known to blemish both the luminaries, ie, the Sun and the Moon but it comes hardest on the Sun. It becomes the chief conspirator to blemish the Sun to give rise to Pitra Dosha. Sun, the nourisher of all life, develops holy traits in a native but once this Sun gets stained by Rahu, the inherent personality gets modified, and the native develops an outer personality which is virtual, dark and illusionistic. The Pitra Dosha “Rahu” infected Sun does not operate in its high energy and spoils many domains of the native which are hard to correct unless we apply proper Karma correction.

Pitra Dosha makes a manipulator which can get converted to schemer and plotter; politicians have this Pitra Dosha working for them. Venusian Rahu, while working through its lower energy, infects the Sun for Pitra Dosha. This results in the person losing through feminine force, chiefly bringing disgrace, but this energy can be diverted positively to bring harmony compassion and universal love. Mercurian Rahu, when working through its lower energy, gives sarcastic and hurtful tongue, and also restricts the expansion of the family, but this energy can be redirected to make the Pitra Dosha working for the native with a wonderful sense of humour; great stand up comedians have this Pitra Dosha working for them.

Martian Rahu infecting the Sun for Pitra Dosha gives rise to deaths in the family but if diagnosed early, the Martian energy can be directed to positivity and the family of the native can flourish, which is again not letting the Pitra Dosha work negatively

Saturnine Rahu bringing Pitra Dosha restricts growth, doesn’t let work flourish, and creates obstacles, but if treated properly, its higher energy brings prosperity. It is essential to understand the true distribution of the karmic energy of the planets to influence the Pitra Dosha positively. A timely karma correction can undoubtedly extract positivity out of the dreaded Pitra Dosha. Read more about it on also. Some people miss essential things at the last moment even after doing exceptionally well. Thus, Ketu has a say over creating last minutes hurdles. Next week, my column will explain this. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi, a Ph.D Scholar in Astrology at or call 9278555588 or at 9278665588.