Period And Effects Of Sade Sati

sade sati

1)  Transit of Saturn over :

•  12H from Moon Lagna (first Dhaiya- Saturn resides in the head) has a full aspect on 2, 6, 9H causing expenses, physical, financial problems, domestic unrest, fear disease, suffering to father & fortune decline.

  Moon Lagna ( second Dhaiya – Saturn resides in the abdomen ) has a full aspect on 3,7,10H causing mental anguish, ailments of the middle part of the body, disputes with siblings & partners, illness on to the spouse, marital unhappiness, loss to business and wealth, the death of relative etc.

•  2H From Moon Lagna (Third Dhaiya-Saturn resides in legs) and affects 4,8,11H with full aspect causing financial Losses, family trouble, disease, difficulties and loss of income.

2)    First Cycle OF Sade Sati:

Extremely painful, obstacles and hardship of various kind, trouble to parents.

3)  Second Cycle Of Sade Sati:

Mediocre influence, success through struggle and labor, mental unrest, separation or loss of parents.

4)  Third Cycle Of Sade Sati:

Extremely harsh results, tremendous physical hardships, fear of death and only fortunate ones survive.

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