Past life accomplishments or the previous incarnations deeds can be responsible to many of your present life domino effect which otherwise have no explanation or you may be clueless as to what is happening & more importantly - Why? Here comes the role of past life deeds and knowing about them through past life readings. 

Basically all such subjects are based on the theory of Karma. What you did is your past life & what you are doing is your present life. What you get in present life is all scripted in your horoscope & horoscope is a direct manifesto of your previous life (s) deeds. If one does not want to or cannot learn from the earlier mistakes, this page has no relevance. 

If one does not believe in karmas then neither past life readings nor any astrological advice can help a person. Such persons will only get buoyant or depressed whenever something good or bad happens to them. Such persons could say two things: When something good happens, they say: I earned it.  OR if anything wrong happens, they say: Oh it was my destiny.  But this is not correct and that is where the role of past life readings come in. 

What is past life readings?

Past life readings means reading of all your karmas of past life and previous birth. One may forget what we do it but Lord Brahma does not. All your deeds of daily life become your karma & each Karma keeps getting accumulated in your balance sheet of karmas. Past life reading is the reading of all your karmas of previous birth/past life(s). These can be Good Karmas and Bad Karmas. Based on these Karmas, you are allotted a birth chart/horoscope of the present. 

Why do we need to know about past life?

Why do we need to know about past life is because all the karmas of our past life become the basis of our present life’s horoscope. To understand why the horoscope of our present life have malefic planets or benefic planets , why we have favourable or adverse planetary positions and why we have positive yogas and negative doshas, we need to know about past life. That is where past life readings play a crucial role. While, on one hand, good planets, favourable planetary positions & positive Yogas are result of our good Karmas of previous birth(s). Same way, harmful planets, adverse planetary positions & negative doshas are result of our bad or flawed Karmas of previous birth(s). So unless you know what bad or good you did in the past life(s), you do not know why anything good or bad happens to you in the present life. 

Importance of past life readings

What is the importance of past life reading? There are some specific benefits what we derive from these reading. 

Foremost thing to understand is that our overall lives are governed with 2 types of Karmas i.e. DRIDH Karmas (fixed of the previous life, which cannot be modified) & ADRIDH Karmas (which can be modified in the present life)

The deeds of your past (Dridh Karmas) lives cast a serious impact on your present life.

You may have born to accomplish something and your life may be swayed forcefully towards it.

1. You are not able to attribute your miseries to any of your present deed.

2. You may be blessed for something.

3. You may be born with a particular trait, not common to anyone.

Role of past life in present life

One may wonder if past life readings only a theoretical word and exercise out of fantasy or does past life readings have any role in present life. Yes it has. Why some people face sudden deaths in the family, sudden loss of job etc. It means past life reading is a gateway to the answers to all “sudden losses” , “inordinate delays in marriage” , “issues of child birth” & like wise and “unexpected benefits” in a person’s present life. It helps you to prepare yourself accordingly realising you are suffering or reaping what you sowed than blaming the destiny or giving a pat to yourself. 

Benefits of past life readings

Now understand what are the benefits of past life readings. The benefits are that we know the purpose of your birth in present life. We know whatever we did wrong in previous life(s) & how can we modify our Karmas in present life. Readings and analysis of individual's past life intend to answer questions, which may disturb them in the present birth. 

Main benefit of past life readings is to give answer to major questions, which include “What was my name or profession in my previous incarnation?” or “Whether my good or bad deeds of previous incarnation will have any effect in my present birth?” All accumulated karmas of our past life manifest our Horoscope.  This could be one or upto 108 past lives. These past life karmas give a clear guidance as to how should manage or manipulate karmas of our present. This also reflects effects of these past life karmas on our present life style. Through past life readings, we get to: 

1. Understand your uniqueness

2. Understand the purpose of your birth.

3. Understand what you surely won’t get.

4. Understand what is meant for you.

5. Understand the reminiscence of the previous life.

6. How far is your MOKSHA

7. What should be your Karma correction in your ADRIDH Karmas.

8. Understand what you should work on, so that nothing much haunts you in your next life.

9. Understand the karmic connection in your Adridh Karmas between you and your family members.

My Astrological expertise perceptions will assist individuals to recognize the past life by starting from their present concerns, best possible means to destroy such habits and provide effective ways to acquire knowledge from previous incarnations in beneficial way as possible. 

I firmly believe, perceive and comprehend nodes of the Moon in right way, to analyze the present, past and future in an authentic way.

We must realise that the ADRIDH Karmas of our present life will become DRIDH Karmas for our next life so take lessons from the past life, and improve our ADRIDH Karmas of present life. Read my interview in Outlook India how past life affects our present life

Do not forget - Past life Manifest our Horoscope.