Before going into a partnership business you ought to know something which may be decisive for your business :

  • How is that partner for you?
  • If there is any disputes would it be resolved?
  • Who will be responsible for critical developments?
  • Whose decision will be binding ?
  • Who is going to own this business?
  • How things will be distributed.
  • Who will contribute and how?
  • Can this partnership ever be dissolved without much hassle?
  • Is the business partner commitment as strong as yours?
  • How his or yours financial condition remain afterwards?
  • What is he doing, is there anything else which can make him less commitment?
  • How he is going to handle tough situation?
  • How is that the social and moral standing of the partner?

And last but not the least “ Do I really need a business partner”

These questions can graze your mind while entering into partnership, but you may not have the correct answer, get an astrological assistance here. 

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For specific guidance on business partnership compatibility, you can:

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