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An unmangeable rahu leads to over-expansion & finally can be disastrous

If one thinks that everything is under control, then the instant second thought would be that s/he is not moving that fast. In the madness of increasing the speed of the game few many things go out of control, which change the course of the life for the worse. Many a times, it may not be greed or aim to expand phenomenal   but effect of unmanageable Rahu which once activated; person is bound to fall in its trap.

There are examples when a politician out of immense greed and high headedness took the government machinery for a ride; the result was a backlash by own party, numerous allegations to fight in the court, loss of respect in the masses and the final result was not getting the party ticket for the next election.

Consider this, a businessman doing extremely nicely in his business expanding his wings just too wide by indulging in entirely new ventures with unknown partners, going for beyond capacity loans to eventually lose not only in the new quarters but also in the old parent business due to neglect and deceit.

Ponder over this, a dynamic young bureaucrat gets corrupt initially for a few quick bucks but with the passage of time works only for self-elevation, amasses huge wealth acquired through illegal means, open up multiple businesses even in the names of distant family members, finally succumb to the law and lose his job and all that what he had legally or illegally earned to the government or to the relatives who stopped responding after his fall.

Consider this also, that a small time even natured liaison agent working within his capacity making enough money for his family needs, rising to heights when came in the proximity of politicians. His liaison capacity increased manifolds not realizing that with this he slowly turned himself into a trickster who now lied more often, started taking people for a ride and had eventually started duping people. This superficial expansion rose with unprecedented speed and to an unimaginable height, but as the fate would have been, this fellow soon became an escapist defaulter who not even duped people but also did not spare the mighty politicians. Resultantly now he is nowhere to be found and gone is even the easy life what he earlier had.

Can we see any pattern in the blind run for lust in the above examples? Probably one would say greed, but astrology has a definite name which is an unmanageable ‘Rahu' of which I spoke about in the beginning. This Rahu strikes only when one starts to do well in his chosen field of profession. Rahu initially makes the native do immensely well but later injects His ‘mayavi' or illusionary venom in the native so that he accelerates without the sense of brakes.

The ‘Vedic Vigyan' to illuminate the future get deciphered through reading the horoscopes. This is a potent tool through which all the pitfalls (its magnitude and timings) can be worked out that one can experience in a lifetime. The beauty of the horoscope reading is in the abilities to understand all the ‘IFS' and the resultant ‘THEN.' Another unexplored beauty of the horoscope is the remedial part of astrology reinforced through karma correction. The power of free-will that one has is so immense that it can overturn even the harshest of the situation the native is in. Jambvanth helped Lord Hanuman to remember his ability to fly, and so could you need a bit of help. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is a Ph.D., Scholar in Vedic astrology, well versed with both the north and south Indian style of horoscope reading. Many more such astrological insights are available on his blogs.