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OPENING THE LOCKED FATE THROUGH ASTROLOGY - Horoscope deciphers it all - Good and bad planets

Are you wondering where good times are? In some cases, the clutch of malefic planets in a horoscope may not be letting a native perform and obtain from his business. In some other horoscope this clutch may not let the native wed, this negative grip of the planet in some other horoscope can force the native to lose his job often or can leave him unemployed for long duration of time. In most of the horoscopes this negatively aligning planets compel the native to take wrong decisions which leave irreversible results. Often, most of us think that Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, and Mars are the bunch of bad boys whereas the Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Sun is the club of good boys but factually one can do exceptionally good under the influence of so-called bad boys and can really suffer when under the influence/Dasha of the so-called goodies. Forget the age-old hatred you carry for the bad planets and the faith you have for the so-called beneficial ones, if some planet, good or bad, is a functional malefic for the chart then it is entrusted with a duty to ruin which is hard to combat. But there are few sections of time in a year when the results indicated by the horoscope can be set aside and with the help of free-will kick start some stalled things, change of directions and thus things. The first such section when the reversals of results can be effectively achieved is in the new year which is also the dawn for the Gods. Yes! And this begins on 15th January when the Sun begins its Uttrayana journey (Northward) on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti and a fortnight from this day of Makar Sankranti , the native can utilize the free will to the maximum and can really overcome and overturn all negatives, one has been experiencing for a very long time. A boost from the traversing Mars and Jupiter adds to the auspiciousness of this occasions as these both planets are aptly positioned to let the native gain from non-profiting properties, huge burdened loans and jinxed businesses. If one has to experience an overall turn around in this auspicious section of time, then forget that the usual rituals and strategies which one was continuing doing from a long time back, will prove beneficial. A complete turn around of thoughts, methods, and strategies is what is required, and the good thing is that these thoughts will find an inroad into one's mind with just slightest of the effort. I can help all those who have hit a roadblock. Read more about Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a PHD Scholar in astrology on connect at or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588.