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Lies makes way for disbelief and deceit makes way for loss of respect, with these two pillars gone the next comes in a series of nagging apologies with no meaning and stubborn non- forgiveness. Even though most of us know the mantras for making a marriage run the irony is that the applicable principles are meant for preaching and not for self-use.

 Most of us who follow astrology know that in an astrological chart there are just twelve houses and nine planets which regulate all the significations of a native's life. And this means that many significations are being looked after by one house and also many houses could be responsible for taking care of just one signification of native's life. An astrological postulate says that if a particular signification of a house is distorted then necessarily other significations related to that house will also not be nice. Now, if a person is not married (distorted seventh house), is not in love with spouse (distorted seventh house and fifth house) and is often fighting with the spouse (seventh house) then necessarily other significations of the seventh house and the fifth house stand compromised. The seventh house is the secondary  house to measure profession, partnerships and sexual prowess and ailments whereas the fifth house stands for kids and the fate ‘Bhagya' after forty-five years of age. This means those people who are not able to strike peace in his/her married life, their other significations relating to the house of marriage such as profession, partnerships, kids, sexual prowess, etc stand weakened.

Lord Vishnu while narrating this aspect to Muni Naradasaid "Is it not amazing Narada, that while a Jataka(human) corrects just one aspect of his life through his Karma, more other interrelated features of him stand automatically corrected". But our problem is that we depend heavily upon correcting the results of the planets by undergoing hefty rituals and procedures and do nothing about correcting ourselves. The result is no change, and then we start distorting our ninth house (religion and Bhagya) as well by speaking ill about the rituals. So, the mantra is to identify which feature is correctable, endeavour to correct it for other related things to see an improvement.

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