Number of houses and will you live in your own house?

number of houses

Best planets for your owning your houses

Some classical dicta also help to locate the number of houses one may occupy. For instance, one such dictum says: find out how many of the lords of the 1st, 4th and 2nd houses are posited in a Kendra or Trikona position. The number of houses occupied by the native will be as many. Of course, it may not be possible to specify the exact number of times one may change house, but it implies, one may have to shift residence quite a few times.

Allied planetary combinations for owning houses.

Certain other classical combinations relate to houses but in a slightly adverse vein.

If a malefic planet or Rahu in the 4th Bhava be aspected by an evil planet, the person born will be a sufferer in the matter of domestic comfort (gehasukhartibhook).

If Mars or the Sun occupies the 4th Bhava in depression or in an inimical house, the person concerned will be houseless.

If the 4th lord occupies the 12th, the person will lodge in a stranger’s house in a foreign land (9anyagehoanyadeshagah).

If the 4th lord occupies the 8th Bhava, there will be no house owned by him.

If the 4th lord occupies the 6th, he will lodge in the house of paternal relation (gnathyadisadgrihah).

If the 4th lord occupies a Dustana or if the planet in the 4th house has strength for evil, the house falling to the lot of the person will be haunted or dilapidated.

If the lord of the 4th Bhava occupies the 12th from Lagna, the person will have a dilapidated house (jeernagriha).

All these various combinations, by and large, emphasise the favourable disposition of the house vis-a-visits lord as the sine qua non for owning a house.

The simplest test to determine if a native will own a house is to see if the 4th lord is well-placed and in a Kendra or Trikona. If yes, sooner or later, one will come to own a house.

Planets can indicate House sizes also

Venus is the Karaka or natural significator ofgriha or residential house. Venus and the 4th house are important factors in assessing the house-potential of a chart. Other factors help to decide on the quality and size of the house.

The 4th house if  aspected by its own lord , Yogakaraka planet, benefic Mercury and Jupiter the native owns a house with numerous spacious well-lit and ventilated rooms with a stable for his horses in a sprawling garden with a variety of trees and colourful plants.  The house also boasted of a garden room tucked in one corner of the compound surrounded by flowering shrubs and ferns and ferns where the native could relax and read quietly with no disturbance.

The 4th lord if  in the Ascendant with exalted 9th lord Jupiter  and if Venus is also Vargottama (occupies the same sign in both Rasi and Navamsa) and if there is an exchange of signs between the 1st and 4th lords,  the native is maharajah, of a some state and owns some of the most beautiful and breath-taking palaces in the country.

Own House but not home.

The 4th house has ascendant lord or Moon occupying it. If  further occupied by exalted 7th or 8th lord  or if by Saturn. The 4th lord occupies the 12th (not from Lagna though, but from the 4th) and the native lives in another’s house (anyagehanyadeshagah) in a distant place.

The 4th lord in the 10th house in Vargottama (since he occupies the same sign in Rasi and Navamsa) and the 4th house is afflicted by malefic Saturn and Ketu and if the the Karaka Venus who is also the 4th lord is favourably disposed, being in a Kendra (quadrant). How have these multi-planetary influences affected results pertaining to griha or house?

The native will built his own house but had to leave the city for compulsive reasons. Since then, he will be living in rented houses.

Rahu in the 4th usually denies one the comforts of a home. So, while the native has been able to own a house, he has not been able to make a home of it. The 4th lord if in a moveable sign give residences in many houses. The combustion of the Karaka Venus did not give the native the benefit of living in his own house.

Saturn and Ketu in the 4th house gives a  ill-lit and dilapidated house.

Two factors that keep occurring in chart of those with houses of their own are a well-placed 4th house and Karaka Venus. Where these 2 factors are weakened for one reason or the other, efforts to own a house have rarely fructified.