No Benefits Despite Some Favorable Planets Being in a Superior Position

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No Benefits Despite Some Favorable Planets Being in a Superior Position

In some Kundlis (Birth charts), planets are in a superior position. Some birth charts indicate that there are 2, 3, 4, or sometimes 5 planets in a superior position. Nevertheless, their natives are not enjoying any benefits they’re anticipating, in their life. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a well-versed astrologer in Delhi NCR, has a solution to those natives so that the planets give only favors to them.

He says, Sri Raam and Sri Krishn, the avathaars of Lord Vishnu, also had to go through hardships, although there were many planets in superior positions, in their birth charts. Sri Raam did not enjoy the pleasure of homely and married lives. Also, his children also did not make him happy. Sri Krishn too had some difficulties, in life. He had to find a new place to dwell in. According to Pandith Bajrangi, just because some planets take a higher position, in the birth chart, there is no stock phrase that the natives will enjoy only benefits. If a planet in a superior position has vengeful behavior, then this behavior will also get high, which doesn’t let you enjoy the benefits that you are hoping for. Some people say that Guru that is present in their birth chart is a supreme position and they are expecting some substantial benefits. It is encouraging to have Guru, in a good position, in one’s Kundli. But, let’s say, your Lagna is Vrush and the Guru is supreme. It means the ruler of Ashtam Bhaav or Ekaadhash Bhaav is also high, whose main intention is to keep you unwell, all the time. He does not let you have the wealth that is meant for you. There will be an imbalance between your monthly income and expenditures. All in all, you are not getting the benefit, although Guru is in a good position.

There are some bad or cruel planets also that can torment you all the time and prevent from receiving the benefits, if they join the other planets that are in superior positions. Some birth charts are influenced by these bad planets, which are responsible for problems in life. However, if you appropriately direct them and make them join hands with the planets in supreme positions, you start enjoying the benefits in a few months. If your birth chart has favorable or detrimental planets, you neither have to get excited nor become depressed. All you have to worry about is whether their effects are good or bad. Have your birth chart analyzed by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, at Bajrangi Dhaam. He will suggest you strategies that will make bad or cruel planets favorable to you.