Business Problem Solutions During Covid-19

Business problem during Covid-19

Covid-19, as a pandemic, has surprised all in the World & the last six months have been a time of total turmoil. Since then there few common questions are haunting practically everyone's mind i.e. when will this Corona end? What will be the future of businesses of existing businesses? What are the new business ideas & how to save my business in Covid times. I will explain all these questions one by one as below: 

Now when will this Covid-19 end finally?

I had indicated in one of my articles in Hindustan Times on 20.11.2019 that Saturn transit in Capricon in 2020 will bring many severe health problems & economic crises. I still maintain that this Saturn transit in Capricorn 2020 in Maraka (death) house will send Countries to most profound distress. Maraka as appears from name itself, causes harm not only to living human beings but also to ruin the economic health conditions. Saturn transit in a sign happens after 2.5 years. So it means, post 24.01.2020 Saturn will remain in its own house, which unfortunately is a Maraka house for about two years. However, it does not mean that the coming next two years will be as disastrous as we see presently. Actually, this impact of the negative effects of Saturn will reach its peak around August 2020. After that, the intensity of such adverse effects will start going southwards. This also does not mean that the miseries will end. To be more precise, I see post-August 2020 say around October 2020, the savagery (harmful impact) of this Saturn impact will start receding. This will further get soften after December,2020. However, the complete negative effects of this Saturn transit will start diluting around April 2022. This is the time when Saturn will enter Aquarius, leaving Capricorn means Saturn transit in Aquarius in 2022. 

This is to summarise on the common questions in one's mind as to when will Covid19 end finally? Now I will try to highlight what will happen to the businesses in these Covid 19 times.

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Future of businesses in Covid-19 times 

Covid times are here to stay for some time, so now the next questions are regarding the future of businesses in Covid times. People are concerned to know which businesses will boom or suffer must due to Covid? How to save my business in Covid times? And what are the new business ideas in these Covid times?

We all know, many businesses have suffered very badly due to this pandemic. Many have downsized business; some are still thinking whether to open also or not & if yes, when to begin? Some who had no such options have already closed altogether. But again some are doing good & few even doing excellent. 

So this it time to analyse as to which business will boom or suffer in Covid times? Can the success or failure in business seen from birth chart? Let me tell 

you that astrology plays an important role in deciding your business's success or failure. I can tell you which business will suit you from your birth chart. For this, I will first construct the Shani-Chart of the present time and examine it through the tenth house of your birth chart. From the overall perspective, let me tell you what businesses would shine during Covid 19 times. The businesses that will boom during and post-Covid-19 are the following:

  • Business & professions related to ITs:
  • Businesses in E-commerce
  • Business in the Banking sector.
  • Health & medical. 
  • Professions related to E-education.
  • Businesses of Diagnostics companies
  • Research and development businesses.
  • Business of Consultancy.
  • Farming business  

Now above are the business lines to boom during Covid 19 times based on the Shani chart. Along with this, selecting right per birth chart is also very important. Based on the future of businesses during Covid times reading Shani chart further vetted with the selection of business idea as per birth chart will give you perfect guidance as to which trade or business in Covid times will suit you the best. If you are not in any of the above businesses or feel, you cannot do any of these businesses; you still do not jump to conclusions. I suggest, spend a few minutes & consult a good astrologer. Who will then help you select the right business from your birth chart, keeping in mind what your birth chart indicates to choose business? Here astrologers should also study Shani Chart to the prosperity perspective of other businesses in times to come.

Many may feel that going for a new business or expanding the business during Covid-19 is a little scary. But if there are positive indications of a business in your birth chart. Then one should not get scared at all and go ahead with it. So meet a good astrologer who can guide you which business will be good as per your birth chart, especially in Covid times. 

Astrology for business in Corona times

Most astrologers advise you on business decisions based on Dhan or Laxmi Yoga in your birth chart. But such Yogas do not get activated all times. Therefore one needs to know the right time when this Laxmi or Dhan yoga in your horoscope will get activated. I mean, what the time these Yogas will blossom in your birth chart. Now since the situation in Covid is totally different, one needs to get a thorough analysis of this Laxmi yoga in your birth chart. There is a possibility that this yogas may not get activated at all during these Covid times. Therefore, it makes a sense to understand the geometrics of the birth charts to take good results with the activation of any such positive Yogas present in your horoscope.

For taking a conscious decision to select the right business as per birth, one should insist astrologer read some specific divisional charts of your horoscope. The main charts considered for selection of the right business as per horoscope are your Lagna Chart (D-1 Chart), (D-9 chart) Navamsha, Dasamsha (D-10 Chart), and (D-60 chart). One also needs to review the Nakshatra (your constellation). Examining all these charts & Nakshatra will give a clear indication as to what business will suit you the best. And is it correct to start a new business in Covid times? Covid times do not mean to sit and see what others are doing. If the present pandemic has affected some existing businesses, it has brought many new opportunities also. Do not waste your time thinking that performing rituals or pooja will help you. Relevance of astrology in modern times was never so important than what we see today: Astrology's relevance in Covid times has gained such a momentum that people who miss it now may repent later. Therefore encash on the new business opportunities Covid 19 has given that just looking at others performing & you keep thinking, OMG, what happened to my business. Will I ever recover in my business?  

Connect with me; discuss your business issues with me. I examine overall business ideas as per your birth chart. I will suggest you which business will suffer and which businesses will boom during and post Covid times.