Nadi Graha Vastu Tips By Astrologer

Nadi Graha Vastu

Significations of planets:

The living house is another indication of the condition of a native. In Naadi Vastu main importance is given to the directions of planets. Each planet signifies certain portions of the house. The direction is independent of the part of the dwelling place.

Following are the direction, the house portion, and other relevant significations.

Sun -East, Rights windows, Front Right Room, Male members, Bulb, Light, Lamp, Red Lotus, Places of worship, Gigantic Swallow-wort trees, Gumtree Ask trees, Thorny trees, Wheat crops, Bhilva tree, Rudraksha, Sandalwood paste, Lord Siva.

Moon – Northwest, Left windows, Front left rooms, Female members, Bathroom, Water tank or sump, Well, Vessels used for storing water, soap, kerosene, Icebox, Washing machine, Fridge, Cooking vessels, Water tap, White lilt, Water places, Drumsticks, Incense sticks, Salt, Banana tree, Sugarcane, Sandalwood tree, Paddy crops, Vegetable Crops, Medicinal herbs and Goddess Parvati.

Mars – South, Compound-wall, Beam, Pillar, Main-hall (active-male places), Master-bedroom (Directional ruler), Fireside of kitchen Manual stone grinder-top, Rollers, Electrical workshops, Oleander (Kaner (Hindi) Flower), Neem-tree, Thorn-tree, Persian-lilac, Needles, Oven, Electric-stove, Fork, Comb, Iron-box, Electric-heater, Grinder, Mixer, Motor, Matchbox, Knives, Places of fire, Weapons and Lord Subramanya.

Mercury - North, Main-hall, Guest-room, Study-Room, Office-room, Balcony, Parapet-wall, plastering, Plants and Garden, White colour flower, Money and Wealth places, where Male and Female gather, Prickly-chaff-flower (Uttareni) Books, Pens, Pencils, Papers, Photographs, Wall-paintings, Bookshelves, Reading-table, Camphor, Tulsi, Creepers, Green-leaves, Amla and Lord Vishnu (also Bhoodevi).

Jupiter –Northeast, Divine-room, Idols, Jasmine, Peepal-tree Amber, Coconut and Coconut-tree, Betel- leaves, Sweet-fruit-trees, Flower-plants, Photographs-of-deities, Articles used for performing pooja, I.E.Bell, Agarbathi-stand, Candle-stand, Lord Dattatreya and Load Dakshinamurthy.

Venus - Southeast, Main-hall (female activity place), Kitchen (Directional ruler) Bedroom, First-floor, Dressing-table, All Luxurious and beauty items.

White-lotus, Entertainment-places, (Hindi – Bargad, Kannada- Ale Mara, Telugu- Medi), Mango-trees, Lemon trees, Sour-tasting-fruit-trees, Orange, Grapes, Gooseberry, Tamarind, Pineapple, Cot, Bet, Mat, Cloths, Desk, Sofa-set, Flower-vase, Chandelier, Palanquin, Pillow, Bed-sheet, Cosmetics, Mirror, Showcase, Jewellery-box, Money-box, Almirah and Goddess Lakshmi. 

Saturn – West, Entry-steps, Storeroom, Dining and related articles, Dustbins, Blue- color flowers, Office, Factory, Suma-tree (Jammi in Telugu), Sesame, Bamboo, Palm-trees, Bitter-fruit trees, Oil-plants, Sunflower, Mustard. Box, Container, Carry bags, Doormat, Dustbin, Dining-table and Lord  Yama.

Rahu – Southwest, East to west Compound area, Main-door, Toilet, Portico, Car-shed, Sun-light-protector, Slopes over windows or windows or openings, Terrace, Roof, Ola-building, Old articles, Empty-big vessels, open-place, China rose (Jasum in Hindi), Airport, Graveyard, Masjid, Tombs, Dob-grass  (Darba), Mustard, Babool-tree, Wood, Sarpagandha and Goddess Badrakali.

Ketu – Northeast (centre of the house) Bramhastana, West to East compound area, Staircase (+ planet of place), Drainage, Rear-door, Pooja-room, Chimney, Ventilators, padlock, Tailor-shop, Pipelines, Red-lily, Temples, Church, Mutts, Hospitals, Courts, Banyan-tree, Fig-trees, Ashoka-tree, Rope, Chain, Wick, Candle, Thread, Swing, Wire, String, Telephone, Cradle, Sewing-machine, Mud-post, Thatch-grass (Kusha) Vermilion (Sindhoor) and Lord Ganesha.

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