moon and association


The native with this combination will be weird. There will be water zones near his dwelling place, natives with this combination are prone to an evil spell being always under illusions and fear complex. They are the right subject for black magicians, and they are capable of learning such arts if other planets support. This combination may result in mental disorders if not surrounded by benefit planets. Around his birth time or within a year’s time his mother must have had life-endangering situations.

 In our experience, we find that such persons cannot differentiate between fantasies and realities due to illusions. They get great satisfaction in fantasizing about impossible tasks. They are also secretive about their affairs of any nature. They are also adamant and always an urgency to push their words instead of listening to others. They have a powerful thought process sounding foreign to others. Rightly tuned, they will have blessings of maha-shakti (female power deity).

This combination is also indicating travel to foreign countries to relatives signified by planets linked to it. Incidentally, Moon represents daughter and mother-in-law of the native. They will not be in right term with native, or they will stay away from him. They will either be sick or face premature death. Lastly, it indicates the migration of his grandfather to other than his birthplace. There are diverse results in this combination. Moon as mind to native utilizes the effect of Rahu for its enjoyment while the living matters are negatively affected. This combination if singled out without the support of other planets is a destiny breaker.


This combination leads the native towards spiritual thinking. Unless Jeeva or karma joins, metaphysical life will remain at thinking level. Natives with this combination are stubborn. Native will have to overcome specific hassle in life. Both native and his mother are prone to phlegm related problems. His mother or maternal grandmother, though deprived of recognizable education, will be spiritually oriented and known for their food distribution.

This combination indicates that his birthplace has a temple of a famous female deity. We find that person with this combination will be severe thinkers and get real ideas. They also have an opportunity of visiting foreign or pilgrim places if linked to karma or Jeeva planets. They usually tend to forego money lent to others. Except for metaphysical activities, this combination is not a destiny maker.