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Monthly Forecast for Dec 2019

Monthly Forecast
aries aries

There is total contentment, this month, especially with the beloved people in your life, which will make you grin from ear to ear. A friend should be like a family member and a family member should be like a friend to have a harmonious relationship. Aries natives have friends and family members answering this portrayal. Besides, there is a big material or financial gain this month. The new moon showed up this month suggests that ahead of all these relationships, there is tremendous emotional support.

The thoughts about sex and intimacy will be lingering in your mind this month. After two weeks, the New Moon arrives and uncovers newer opportunities for your love and sex life. This lunar month reminds you of six-month old events. It’s time to verify whether your plans and projects you fired up last spring are successful. Otherwise, it’s time for you to fine-tune and reassess your current financial situation. It’s time to decide what you need now.

Note that because Mars, your ruling planet currently in Libra sign, you might be a bit passively aggressive in your relationships. Try and satisfy yourself first rather than pleasing everyone. This way, you will feel better and accomplish your daily cores with calmness. The key for this month is considerateness.

taurus taurus

Focus on relationship more than anything else this month, especially with your better half. There is a lot of surprising news for you, mostly during the first weekend. The interesting one is you will be in the zone of relationship, dating, and mating. But, whether

You are single or wedded, set some objectives regarding connections with people. This is the perfect time this year to concentrate on healing broken relationships, if any.

The birthday wish you made six months ago will possibly come true. If it does not, you need to reconsider and make some fine-tuning to make it happen, instead of submerging yourself in self-blame. Nevertheless, you need to have a great deal of determination to do this. The Full Moon lands in your sign this during the first week, and will be in your favour. So, you need not worry.

On the other hand, there are a lot of disagreements in the horoscope of Taurus natives. Conflicts are also possible with family members, especially with siblings. This makes them feel everyone have become an enemy. However, their sharp mentality lets them assess the situation well and get away with such thoughts.

gemini gemini

You’ll start wondering where all the months went, although you have not slowed down even a single bit. The Sun and most other planets are in your work precinct most of this month, you are very productive. Don’t burn the candle at both ends and get to much stress. This might lead to insomnia. So, you need some downtime to relax and rejuvenate. Take an off and just chill at home, reading an interesting novel, with a cup of tea.

However, some delightful time is in store for you with your circle, maybe your political party or football team. It can also be your old bunch of female buddies. With some of their co-operation, perhaps, you might chalk up a significant victory. So, there is a good reason to make merry. But, the only thing is that you need to ensure that there is space, liberty, and individuality.

During the second week of this month the New Moon exposes a world of opportunities for mind-blowing projects in the future. This is the right time to set objectives for everything you want to achieve in the next six to seven months. As you zone in on your objectives, it is imperative that you ensure there is balance between mind and body.

cancer cancer

This month is a meaningful one - all about trust and faith. At the same time, it is about discovering pleasure, love, and creativeness, wherever you go. Since the Sun and some of the other planets are in your house of exhilaration, this month is immensely lovely. Show much interest in your love life and solidify your objectives to bring loads of romance into it. Make plans for at least the next six months.

Your dream of building an independent house or buying an apartment will possibly come true this month. Or, you will move to a new place for a better lifestyle. As to finance, you are as wealthy as you envisioned before. The investment in shares long ago is probably the reason behind it. The natives of Cancer in real-estate business will fare well in business.

Consider socializing as your job seriously. Fortunately, this month, professional leads can turn into romantic connections. For some Cancer natives, the reverse might also happen. Because of socializing, you might get in touch with many people useful to your business; some will be your new clients. This is the right time to launch something inspirational to frame the goals you have set. Some stars and planets are there to buttress your beautiful forethoughts right now.

leo leo

Some miracle is expected for people native to Leo. You must dump people, organizations, or conditions that you are to be kept at bay. This month is full of emotions. Wherever you are your heart remains at home, for the first couple of months, at least. You will set objectives around family matters this month. If you have plans to renovate your house, do it within the next six months. At least, start sketching now.

You need to figure out what/who is making you feel self-protective. The fact of the matter is you are going to have to employ all your senses, including your cognitive ability, in order to evaluate a situation. Don’t expose yourself to threat or be in a vulnerable situation. Your fire will be back after three weeks, and you will be on a quest for peace and happiness.

Your opponents or enemies will cause hindrance to your style or take away your freedom. Now or never! Leo natives need a strategy. You need to be cognizant of important issues at the professional front. Any idea that you came up with about six months ago will finally materialize. Keep working on it until it becomes concrete. Fortunately, you will receive enough support from your co-workers.

virgo virgo

The lively astrological traffic in the seventh house of your horoscope depicts the bitter relationship you have with your partner. You having an affair with someone is probably the reason behind it. To prevent the matter getting worse, forget that relationship. But, some people separated or even divorced might come to a compromise.

Sun and some other planets are favouring your communication, this month. Also, the New Moon lands in the house of talking and philosophy. So, take this opportunity and speak up to convey the message you have been trying to do for the last six months, and set goals at least for the next six months of communication. Ensure that you put them in black and white. This is also the right time to create a strategy for Public Relations (PR) for your brand and to fine tune your profiles in social media. You will have far wider reach than ever before.

The Moon that gets there on the 4th of this month will make you feel secure, and both your body and mind are calm. This is because, this lunation occurs in Taurus, regarded as your sister earth sign. Also, since the Moon disembarks in your house of travel and adventure, your life is going to be much better.

libra libra

This month is all about fulfilling your requirements. You can benefit from the passionate and lovely effect of Venus, a powerful planet. You are a major now. Money is the almighty dollar for you, right now. You are doing everything possible to identify various sources of income. Fortunately, plenty of cash flows in during the third week of this month. At the same time, your expenditure is incredibly high, but there is fun too. This is because there are sundry lovely things summoning you. Don’t encourage dirty money.

The best advice for you is don’t waste away all of your time in pleasing everyone. You can’t though. Learn the art of decision making under tricky situations, as this is very much crucial at work. This will also help you in settling conflicts between people in or out of your team. Also, it is imperative that you need to be considerate when speaking to them.

By and large, Librans are flexible people unlike people of most other signs. This out-of-the-ordinary skill of yours helps you move onto anything you desire. Your future will glitter with intriguing possibilities. If you are an ardent reader, why not enter the world of writers? Why not write a small book in the genre that is intriguing to you?

scorpio scorpio

This is Scorpio’s month. You will reach out for emotionally rewarding relationship. You are longing for a pleasurable eternal marriage. Jupiter, present in your own sign will make you cut a dash that makes people around you turn their faces. In 2018, you will present yourself in a totally different fashion. Many planets are stacking up in your favour, including Jupiter, the most beneficial planet. So, prepare yourself to make the most of these opportunities. You will enjoy a windfall because of this big-hearted planet, after twelve long years.

Your relationship zone is brightened, this month. You value your relations and you will receive nothing less than total devotion, in return. Someone will offer you something priceless and emotionally precious that you deserve. If you are married, your relationship with your spouse is so cool that there is no chance of even tiniest conflicts. Go to a romantic destination with your spouse to make these moments unforgettable.

You can give a fresh beginning and desire for something big during the lunation, this month. Also, you will destroy those stumbling blocks that are keeping your social subtleties low. You are on the way to attaining a killer personality. So, make the most of your skills that have some planetary support. 

sagittarius sagittarius

This month is all about fulfilling your desires and dreams. It brings loads of charm and big travel opportunities. You will be travelling very soon. This is definitely for good. It seems as if you are surrounded by precious, solid bonds. This is because of the chemistry you have with them. So, there is a part of soul-searching in all this, since you are an explorer of astrology who is on a quest of other cultures, at all times. That’s why many people native to Sagittarius can be identified in anthropology and astrology.

You relationships with a few others are strong. However, it is imperative that you restore confidence in others in order to show much you value them. Although there are no chances of conflicts, it is better that you be considerate with everyone you speak to.

Concentrate on your health and wellness. You need to improve your fitness with more devotion and commitment. Frequent breathers are essential at work. You are due for an out-of-the-ordinary but peaceful getaway close to the New Moon day. Hit a destination that is farther and fabulous. The farther it is the better. Also, you will be in your energetic and joyful season after that.

capricorn capricorn

You must regard the rewards you get from the past life attachment with family as good Karma. However, the big wheels are turning with home, money, possessions, or business. It is important that you balance incoming finances and expenditure. When all is well, you naturally tend to make the most of what you have, as Capricorn is a real-world earth sign.

You might come up with a highly beneficial option encompassing property or your own company. There will be inflow of cash, for sure, but there has to be space, freedom, and self-sufficiency. You will go into profound contemplation with your long-term goals, desires, and dreams. Team up with the right people, as this will give you good results. Don’t forget to do your homework and background check every once in a while. Flee for a long escape and refill your energies.

The party calendar is completely reserved for people native to Capricorn. As you are an exuberant party animal, your camaraderie and co-workers demand your attentiveness and glamorous presence. You will become more and more popular. Also, the Full Moon brings you all the romance that makes you feel like a dog with two tails. Say no to decadence and yes to fabulous things. Instead of working all the time, spend some time with your love.

aquarius aquarius

Aquarius aboriginals will possibly have atypical days, this month, as many planets and asteroids move from one zodiac sign to another. This is actually a signal for you to escape from particular situations or people and move towards your future. As luck would have it, you have the necessary flexibility that enables you to change the direction when required, as you are an air sign. The only thing is that you need to spend enough time in reshaping and rethinking about your future.

You ought to go the extra mile and follow the four R’s – Renovate, Restore, Repair, and Renew. If you do this, you will see the next phase of success and devotion towards your professional life. The fortunate influence of Jupiter brings you reputation after twelve long years. With your proactivityand eccentric tricks, you always remain ahead of the curve, whether you are an employee in an organization or run a business of your own.

You will work your magic to settle some issues. Some confusion, delay, and family drama might reach a culmination point you have been waiting for. If obsessed admirers are getting attracted to you, it is possibly because of the influence of Scorpio zodiac sign.