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Monthly Forecast for Jan 2019

Monthly Forecast
aries aries

Whether you are single, wedded, or in a relationship, passion is your best companion this month. You haven’t been so much passionate in a long time. The first thing you must do is nose round your heart first. Because of the occupancy of the Full Moon in your very own signon the 5th of this month (happens only once every year),this month begins with a positive note. So, it is the right time for introspection and growing more ambitious, as your last birthday wish might come true. It can be a culmination or a big breakthrough. For the last one year, you have been focusing on the nuts and bolts of your relationships, but now, your attention is more intense. Make a list of your needs,at least for the next twelve months. Whether you are single, married, or in a love relationship, sexuality is the major theme this month. Jupiter will be in your chart during the late 2018, which indicates that you find a lover. As relationships reign at the New Moon, you can desire for positive feelings between you and your romantic partner. You might also come across some challenging situations in relationships. You need to wisely handle them or you’ll be in distress. 

taurus taurus

This month is all about love and affection. Not to mention, you will be busy like a beaver at office. Both love and work are important for people native to Taurus. However, the Full Moon arriving during the initial period of the month indicates that you will spend most of the time in relaxing. You’ll aim to get beautiful sleep, riddled with plenty of dreams. Those dreams are comprehensive and have profound meaning. Wait for the weekend to be re-energized and prepared to gear up for the next month. With Sun and a few planets in your work zone, you’ll be a productivity machine this month. It is necessary for you to be well organized to be able to handle multiple projects at the same time. You are a master in multitasking, at the moment. An exciting news is that Jupiter, the planet of luck and development is moving into your relationship zone this month. As a result, it brings loads of love into your natural life that will persist for the next 12 months, at least. For unmarried people, this is probably one of the most assuring opportunities you have enjoyed in the last decade. If you are married, but not satisfied, Jupiter will help you determine the spark again. The New Moon that arrives in the third week, intensifies this matter.

gemini gemini

You must fulfill your longing for pleasure, harmony, and innovation, this month. The actual fun kicks off when the Full Moon appears. This is perhaps one of the most outrageous weekends this fall for social events. Your camaraderie will lead to more and more friends, growing your network. Not to mention, there will be significant benefits because of this, personally as well as professionally. Jupiter, a bold planet, aka planet of luck and expansion will help enhance your organizational skills and promote your multitasking capabilities, preparing your for the next year. It is strongly recommended that you set objectives regarding dating, mating, relating, and art, at least for the next six months, as the New Moon, currently in Libra, occupies your house of love and imagination. If you feel that you have not enjoyed the pleasure and happiness in your life so far this year, express your feelings to the stars; they are listening. It is better that you make a note of them in your diary and assess it, may be, in April, 2018. Some of your desires ought to have already come true, and for those that have not, you have to wait for some time. In fact, After the Sun connects to Jupiter in your regular rituals, you can expect some incredible job opportunities.

cancer cancer

This month must have begun on a savage note, as the Full Moon occupies your career zone, during the first week, opening up a world of work opportunities. Something that you have been working on actively in the last six months might come true this month. If your previous professional path did not seem to be appealing, don’t worry – it’s only to enable you to get connected with your actual pursuit on this earth now. It is time for you to think of what you want to be recognized for. Jupiter, the planet of love and imagination occupies your house during the second week of the month, after ten long years. So, it supports you in all these areas. The next year is supposed to be a bright year for you, as the planet helps you pursue your pleasurable endeavors. You will pay attention to home and family life, as the New Moon appears during the third week of this month. The time is right to set objectives in this area of your life, at least for the next six months. Do this as if it’s your duty. The Sun unites with Jupiter in the love zone and will be responsible to offer some good news to you, this month.

leo leo

This month is entirely in your favor. By far, the stars are less intimidating than they have been in recent times. So, you can chill now. This does not mean dramatic situations are at bay. The Full Moon that is in Aries right now will move into your house and give you the energy you need for the whole month. You need to come up with great ideas in order to achieve something substantial. Intense exploration will help. Hold your attention to art and culture, or be a travel bug during the first week of this month. The exotic adventure that you were longing for is on the cards soon. So, be prepared to make all the necessary arrangements. Jupiter, the planet of fortune will shift to your home zone, which is going to be after twelve long years. The effect of this is obviously full of luck in your domestic arena. Also, there will be positive feelings that will last for at least a year. It is the time just right for renovation, home decoration, or movement to a new home. Also, set your objectives for the next six months, as the New Moon will move to your communication zone and favor this plan. Also, this lunation will enable you to express whatever you want to communicate with grace and clearness.

virgo virgo

As the Sun and a few other planets move into your money zone, there will be significant cash flow in your bank account. However, you ought to learn about debt and saving, suggests the New Moon. The cash that comes in will go out to clear the loan you had taken long ago. You good deeds in the past will reflect now. In other words, Karma will come into play. Make the most of the affirmative Astro vibes that can beef up your piggy bank account for the rest of the month. Jupiter, the uber-holy planet, known as the planet of fortunes will move to your communication zone that going to happen after twelve long years. It will encourage you to express yourself with clearness, continence, and panache. Regardless of the platform, people native to Virgo are extremely confident this month. By the time the New Moon enters your house, which possibly happens during the third week of this month, your plans will come to fruition. Sit down and plan to make money fast. Make a list of your short-term and long-term objectives. Most importantly, ensure that follow up on them. By April next year, you can anticipate the arrival of your ship.

libra libra

This month is stuffed with beautiful and glamorous things. Wait for some time; the stars will start singing praises on you. Your emotions are pretty intense this month. Your attention is more on relationships, says the Full Moon. Stay focused on balancing the partnerships throughout this month. You can confidently ask the stars what you want. As Jupiter arrives in your house to amplify your finances, your money estimation is unbelievably great after the second week of this month, and the new situation will persist at least for a full year. Moreover, Venus, your radiant reigning planet, will fetch so much virtuousness that it will throw you into confusion, wondering where to begin. The lovely New Moon, currently in Libra, encourages you to reset and rediscover yourself. So, chalk out plans to your heart’s desires at least for the next six months. The magnetic charm of Mars will have a positive influence on your stars during the last week of this month. Your temptation to blow out huge money is also on the cards. So, plan your budget meticulously. Everything you have asked for will be presented this month. So, make the most out of it.

scorpio scorpio

It is recommended that you simply relax and reset your mind this month. The autumn stars, completely in your favor, will present to you a sea of opportunities to getaway and enrich your beauty in and out. Having said that, you are busy like a bee, although you are excited about work, especially around the Full Moon appearing day. But, at times, your soul jumps into vacation mood and it becomes hard for you to keep up with the speed.The exciting news, however, is that Jupiter, the lucky planet, will move into Scorpio during the second week of this month and prepare you for the most glorious years ahead. This movement is going to happen after twelve long years. This ostentatious sway of loveliness will continue to shower myriad of blessings all through the year. Communication becomes intense as Mercury enters unites with your cautious and surreptitious stars. You take more about relevant things this month, than usually. The New Moon that appears during the third week of this month carries for you the much essential relief you have been hoping for. Consider this as an arrangement for your upcoming birthday, Allow your hidden femme fatale to act upon now.

sagittarius sagittarius

There are loads of glamor and invitations for parties in store for you, this month for native Sagittarians. You’ll be one of the most sought after individuals next month. You can expect at least two to three bookings this month. Spend some time in retrospection and stay in your limits; don’t bite more than you can chew, as it is very essential. Also, you need to give adequate rest to your body and mind. Keep this organized and as naïve as possible so as to avoid stress. The Full Moon carries for you a passionate romantic chapter that reaches your zenith. An invoking love ring will have influence you. Although it is difficult, you ought to do everything you can to have a balance between romance and social life. The New Moon arrives during the third week of this month, adding more buddies to your circle of friends. Because of some of them, you will embark on more magnificent adventures. This hyperactive social stage will last for at least six months from now. The so many exciting things you have to do will throw you into confusion, causing you to wonder which one to begin first.As a travel bug, you never get exhausted packing your bag and baggage and jet off with your buddies.

capricorn capricorn

You head for a party every now and then. Native, glamorous Capricornians are obliged to pay attention to friends and coworkers, this month. Because of this you gain more popularity. Also, There’s full of romance and pleasure you can hope for because of the Full Moon.Do not neglect your work life indulging in social activities and romance. Moreover, you are not left with enough time to meet the needs on the schedule. Say no to immoral things. But, don’t burn the candle at both ends. Your romantic life rules your world at some stage during the month, but your partners take charge after that. The New Moon advice you to profoundly contemplate your long-standing goals, dreams, and desires. This endeavor might be mind numbing, but truly rewarding. Team up with the right set of people by doing a background check. Envy andthoughtless competition can ruin your collaborations and relationships. So, be considerate. Plan for a long retreat together with your family during the last week of this month in order to revitalize and refresh your energies. Do this before the onset of the crazy holiday season. Get involved in spiritual activities occasionally. 

aquarius aquarius

This month won’t put the native Aquarians down. However, with the influx of little-annoying messages, it will be difficult to keep your temper. On the other side, make the most of the surplus inspiration you have. The best phase of this month is during the second week. The friendly stars eagerly have your back and your life hasn’t been so heavenly for over the last decade. Jupiter, the legendary planet of fortune brings great opportunities and success. You can envision big things in the next twelve months at least. With that said, there is a trivial danger, along with it, which you’ll overcome. If you have planned for a journey, this is the right time to set out, packing your bag and baggage. The New Moon appearing in the third week of this month is showing a green signal for this endeavor. The Sun and Jupiter unite and will be on top of your chart at the end of the month, making your star power work. You have been working hard for a very long time and you’ll see a positive outcome this month. Your family life is also peaceful. Native Aquarians having children more so will have greater fun and joy. On the whole, this is a good month to benefit from.

pisces pisces

There can be a significant transformation this month for native Pisceans. Don’t unnecessarily ponder about the trivial, negative aspects of your life, as they will eventually fade away. Think this is just a temporary phase. As a matter of fact, you will be completely free from this thought next month. Moreover, there will be a myriad of opportunities. The Full Moon that embodies your financial situation says money will go as swiftly as it comes. All you need to do is focus on new strategies to replenish the lost cash. More importantly, you ought to have faith. As long as you have that, you need not worry about anything. In addition, Jupiter will be in your favor, especially for inhabitants in the travel and tourism sector. Long journeys will be beneficial in the next twelve months. The later part of this month is all about assessing yourself and setting objectives and long-term goals.The New Moon, arriving during the third week of this month, embodies a new beginning. You need to consciously work on getting rid of negative energy, includingnegative people from your life. Ensure that all your resources are used optimally. Embark on Yoga or meditation, or chat with friends about the meaning of life. You will get better insights by degrees.Above all, engage in spiritual activities.