Mercury And Its Association With Different Planet As Per NADI



This union has the direct effect on the native. Mercury indicates intelligence. Moon represents fraudulent tendencies. Alas, the combination of these two qualities is undesirable. Moon is quick and flowing nature and Mercury is intelligence. This run-though-fast intelligence makes his learning effortless. It is a boon to the native. Moon signifies thought process, Mercury is intelligence, and together they give prudence to the native.

Of course, this is a providential combination for an Astrologer. Moon is art Mercury represents the friend of opposite sex. This is a lovely combination. Eventually, the dominant cheating factor in this combination prompts to tricking away deserting the friend. Awfully this is a combination of disgrace. Mercury island (in naadi Mercury is considered as bhoodevi and Mars represents matters produced from land (Dharani garbha sambhoota).  Moon is cheating and loss. Moon also represents Mother. Landed property either by inheritance or by self-procured will be subjected to cheating. Totally, this is an unprofitable combination.

Moon also represents daughter and Mercury a male friend.  This calls for blemish record to daughter. Mercury is younger sibling and Moon is eloping or change. The younger siblings are prone to such activity. This is not a relishing combination. Metaphysically Mercury represents higher knowledge and Moon the thought process to give extraordinary knowledge in this field provided a strong planet relating to this matter controls this combination. Aptly Moon here acts as modifier, maker, and breaker. It is literally impossible to single out a particular behavior for any planet


Mercury and Mars both have a brother as one of their signification. Mercury represents land while Mars indicates enmity quarrel. Often there will be the rift between native and brother for land causing enmity among them.  There is always an obstruction in learning. Mercury indicates a friend of either sex. Ditched by this friend, native earns enmity in this relationship. Our experience is that though there is an obstruction in education if the subject relates signification of Mars, the native will thrive in that education with lesser troubles. Mars as a breaker is fully functional in this combination except in the modified educational matter.


Rahu is not a metaphysical planet. There is no question of relating these planets n this matter. Rahu is an illusion and Mercury is intelligence. This accounts for marred intellect, which is not a desirable effect.  Nonetheless, intelligence related to significations of Rahu will thrive. Rahu also indicates foreign countries and related matters. These aspects traced in the Mercury significations will predominantly focus if the native or his profession is involved along with changing factor of Moon. Rahu indicates Muslim religion.

Native and/or the younger siblings and friends may have environmental influence or personal acquaintance linked to this religion. It all depends upon the circumstances and situation arising out this inter-religion link that decides the good or bad effect. Rahu effect may also tell upon the health and secret matters of siblings and friends. True to its confusing nature, Rahu discharges its multiples dignities with Mercury.


Mercury is Buddhi (intelligence). Ketu is moksha ((liberation). This can be interpreted in two ways. We can say Moksha Buddhi (liberated intelligence) or Buddhi Moksha (liberation from intelligence).  Former relates to metaphysical subjects and the latter relates to the material world. It does not mean lack of intelligence. Ketu being an obstructive planet for efforts, it creates hindrance in learning efforts. Such people can learn with lesser efforts. Ketu relates to Chitra- Gupta (sketch or picture is called Chitra and Gupta is secret or accounting. Chitra- Gupta personified is a sketcher of human life for the lord of death Yama). Ketu, therefore, signifies both writing and drawing.

Mercury is intelligence.  Therefore, the native may have skills in these aspects. This is a positive signification. Moksha also means relief.  The native may resort to learning (Mercury) in the subject relating to give relief to others. To grasp beyond five sensory organs is possible only through spiritual support. Spirituality signified by Ketu and Mercury is intelligence. Therefore, the native may develop the sixth sense. Siblings represented by Mercury will be inclined towards spiritual life. There is also a possibility of martial related displeasures to the siblings. There is no outright participation of Ketu to break, modify, or make destiny.


Spiritually, this planet leads to higher learning (panditya). Native will excel in the knowledge of sacred texts. Native will expertise in material learning also. These are the two major destiny makers. Persons having a link of this conjunction to Saturn will never ever project as poor. Native will be inclined towards artistic learning. Native commands respect in society.

Diplomatic in approach with sweet talks he befriends either sex for their benefits. Even the friends also help the native with requisite funds. Extramarital relationship not ruled out despite married to a beautiful spouse. Disputable and blemish situations are inevitable in family life. Native will have self-earned affluence. The results remain same even for a female naive. One of the siblings of native will lead a luxurious life. Except for the blemish and disputable family life, no other negative effects foreseen in this combination.


Metaphysically they are amicable as intellect is an essential factor for Jeeva. Naadi says that the intelligence brought forward from previous birth to birth to present birth. His birthplace will be full of greenery. Native will gain knowledge in several fields. Native’s sibling will be intelligent. Accidently native will meet a noblewoman from a respectable background as a friend but the native will marry another woman.

The similar situation will arise in a female native also but resulting in blames. She will be intelligent and liked in the society. One of her siblings being intelligent leads a respectable life in the society. Mercury is completely favorable except for a slight blemish tint towards female native.