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Is there a 100% chance of no marriage in your horoscope?

It has become the trend that most children want to study and make their career abroad. Parents also give them full support in fulfilling their golden dreams. But this greed delays their marriage at the right time, resulting in both parents and children getting disturbed and frustrated. But according to Vedic astrology, the auspicious event of your marriage depends on your birth chart. For accurate predictions about marriage, it is crucial to check whether stars indicate any late or early marriage signs in the horoscope. Besides clearing the time for your marriage, Astrology also guides you to follow the right path with the right decisions. 

Marriage Astrology 

In astrology, if, despite the strong desire of a young man or woman to get married, they are unable to get married, several reasons could be responsible.

While analyzing many kundli, we explore that there are some devious planets in the horoscope which create obstacles in marriage-related matters. To understand the root cause of such issues, first, we must understand the planetary movement and its impact on your horoscope. It is as simple as we go to a good doctor in case of any health issue; you have to consult a good astrologer in case of issues related to your horoscopes. Hence you are advised to consult us to understand the reasons for the delay in marriage and get freedom from your worries. 

Marriage Prohibition Yoga

Some unreliable source tells some people that they do not have any marriage yoga in their horoscopes or that they have reached the age at which marriage is not considered suitable in our society. However, remember that every coin has two sides - success and failure. We may have seen only failures thus far and have yet to experience success. There have been many sages in Indian Vedic astrology who have cataloged numerous marriage prohibition yogas. Astrologers often predict that a couple won't get married based on the positions of different planets in the horoscope. However, one can be misled if one follows the Sanskrit verses since we are often served with faulty translations that disregard their true meaning.

As we know, big-time astrologers have prohibited many movie stars and politicians from getting married, but most are married, albeit a bit late.

With this example, we mean that if marriage is delayed, and if leading astrologers have declared marriage prohibited, then even in these situations, you keep hope since there are no such kundli in which there is a 100% no marriage yoga.

Chances of marriage despite the no marriage yoga

You are advised to remain hopeful even though your horoscope indicates strong no-marriage yoga. As per experts, people with these types of horoscopes still have a 10 to 15% chance of getting married. Moreover, favorable transits can enhance these possibilities, and sometimes other favorable conditions also support marriage. It is encouraging to know that favorable conjunctions and transits can still occur even after age of 40 to 50. First and foremost, it is necessary to stop measures that have failed and have been in place for years.

Regardless of believing unrealistic sources, it would be best if you spoke with an experienced astrologer with some experience in this field so that you can receive the correct interpretation of remedies and immediately change your attitude since we need to know everything. Indeed, any horoscope must not contain 100% no-marriage yoga. We should understand the impact of planetary movements on our horoscope. Once our minds are clear, we must wait for the divine conjunction of celestial bodies to bring promising results. You can also predict favorable conditions and transits by looking at your horoscope.

You can also get your horoscope checked by us. For this, you will need to contact our office.