MARRIAGE related issues

Marriage related issues


A few decades ago fixation of marriage & carrying of the married life relations was easy due to male dominant society, low expectations, simple thinking etc but the upliftment of females, wide awarness, social media, education levels, increasing gaps in economic & social status etc, getting married timely & then sustaining marriage, both have become complicated issues in modern times.

Marriage related issues could be pre -marriage or post - marriage and in both cases, the reasons & factors responsible are different.

PRE - Marriage issue is mainly delay in marriage which could be due to many factors e.g.

1) Impact of past life.

2) Delayed marriage Yog.

3) Mangal / Manglik Dosham in the birth chart.

4) Hinderance from within the family ( There are multiple reasons of this)

5) Age factor

6) Socio - Economic factors of disparity.

All these things are attributed to different points in the Horoscope which can be ascertained & the solutions be given.

*NOTE- Online Report can take 4-5 working days as it is given only by Dr. Bajrangi after detailed analysis.