MARRIAGE related issues

Marriage related issues


A few decades ago fixation of marriage & carrying of the married life relations was easy  due to male dominant society, low expectations, simple thinking etc but the upliftment of females, wide awarness , social media, education levels, increasing gaps in economic & social status etc , getting married timely & then sustaining marriage , both have become complicated issues in modern times.

Marriage related issues could be pre -marriage or post - marriage and in both cases, the reasons & factors responsible are different.

PRE - Marriage issue is mainly delay in marriage which could be due to many factors e.g.

1) Impact of past life.

2) Delayed marriage Yog.

3) Mangal / Manglik Dosham in the birth chart.

4) Hinderance from within the family ( There are multiple reasons of this)

5) Age factor

6) Socio - Economic factors of disparity.

All these things are attributed to different points in the Horoscope which can be ascertained & the solutions be given.

*NOTE- Online Report can take 4-5 working days as it is given only by Dr. Bajrangi after detailed analysis.