MARRIAGE related issues

Marriage related issues

Married life issues, reasons and solutions  

  “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” — Robert Quillen

Some people marry easily & some marry with difficulties. This still has a shorter span but once you are married, the time span lasts till the time partners married are alive. Therefore any problems in married life live much much longer with the person. You peep deep into any case where people do not have a happy married life, you would find the compatibility issues on one or the other factor of marriage compatibility missing. If these factors were checked thoroughly probably reading this page was not required. You can read about these compatibility factors at the bottom of this write-up. However, now when the problem in married life has surfaced, we need to talk about its reasons, indications & solutions.

This page is an overall narration on marriage prediction. To read specific birth chart's related information and self-assessment click on marriage prediction. 

Vedic astrology has sufficient rules & tools to explain it all. Let's talk about the same now. These reasons can be broadly classified into two categories Intentional and circumstantial. One which is difficult to overcome as it is deliberate/intentional and the second category has reasons which are circumstantial/behavioral & can be handled amicably or through understanding and counseling. Now understand the astrological aspect of both these categories. 

Reasons of Married life issues - Unintentional or circumstantial

One category consisting of maximum and most common reasons for issues in married life can be termed as circumstantial or behavioral. The solutions to these reasons are easier once known as these are not intentional. A very prudent factor here is that these reasons are not essentially attributed to the main couple but some outsiders including family members, friends, or social & economical factors can also be the cause. These reasons could have been underlined if the factors of compatibility were properly checked before the marriage. This is what my experience of 2 decades shows. Now I will explain some of these reasons as below and also indications of such reasons in the Horoscope.

 What are these reasons:

I may not be competent to enumerate all such reasons but some of these are.

1.  Sexual compatibility

2.  Financial issues.

3.  Too much disparity in values & beliefs.

4.  Unrealistic expectation

5.  Trust level or habits of lying or hiding.

6.  Childbirth  

7.  Traumatic incidents.

8.  Inferiority/superiority complex

9.  Too much disparity in professional status.

10.Too much interference of family or disrespect of each other's family.

11. The tendency of arguing, fighting

12.  Ignorance by the partner 

These reasons could be many more but important is does astrology has sufficient guidelines or measures to underline such indications from a horoscope? My answer is yes & these are:

Astrological indications of disharmony in marriage:

1.  Afflictions of the 2nd house and or its lord can indicate some family issues resulting in disharmony.

2.  Afflictions of the 4th house and or its lord indicate lack of mental peace.

3.  Afflictions of the Moon indicate anxiety or sadness due to some issues in life.

4.  Association of the 7th house and or its lord with the 6th, 8th or 12th house indicates disharmony in marriage.

5.  Placement of Sun, Rahu or Saturn in the 7th house causes lack of marital bliss.  

6.  Retrograde lord of 2nd or 7th house may indicate domestic disharmony.

7.  Placement of a debilitated planet in the 7th house causes a lack of harmony especially when that planet is also low in Shadbala strength.

8.  Placement of the 7th lord in the 6th house may indicate the tendency to live separately or get a divorce.

9.  A conjunction of Venus and Saturn in the 7th house can make the partner abusive and easily irritable.

10. A conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 7th house can make one argumentative with the partner.

11. Placement of Mars in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses also known as the Mangal Dosha if not canceled in the charts of both partners can result in domestic violence and disharmony.

12 .Conjunction of Mars, Saturn, and Rahu in association with the 7th house or its lord can indicate discord in marital relations.

13. Combust Venus viz. close conjunctions of Venus and Sun (both at 9 degrees or closer to each other) can result in lack of passion to keep the marriage alive over a longer period of time.

Married life issues - Intentional or self-created

Yes, you may be surprised but there is one particular trait which is self-created & deliberate reason for spoiling the married life & this is Infidelity. However, this can be very well ascertained from the proper reading of the horoscope. Alas! sometimes in a hurry or ignorance, we forget to get alarmed of this before the marriage. Now understand, how does astrology identify this.   

  • Infidelity factor in Married life

Infidelity or in other words, cheating or extramarital affairs is one of the major issues which can wreck one’s marriage. In this, either of the partners is only and directly responsible with no / very marginal role of an outsider. The 7th house in a birth chart is the main house of marriage. Although the main planets signifying a marriage are Venus and Jupiter yet for any indication of cheating can be judged by analysis of Venus, Moon and the lord of the 7th house. Infidelity occurs when one has a powerful sexual instinct insatiable by just one life partner and Rahu is behind this tendency. It is worth highlighting that any association of Moon or Venus or the 7th lord with Ketu indicates one’s spiritual inclinations which prevent one from cheating one’s partner.

How astrology identifies infidelity in a birth chart:

1. Afflictions of Venus, Moon and or the 7th lord by Rahu in a chart indicate the probability of cheating.  The extent to which one can go in cheating one’s partner will depend upon the strength of such conjunctions.

2. In a birth chart Jupiter associated with the 7th house and conjunct or aspected by Rahu indicates the possibility of cheating the partner.

3. Conjunction of malefic Mercury with Moon in the birth chart or Navmansha or in both these charts give an insatiable mind and thus the possibility of infidelity.

4. Mercury placed at 5th or 9th place with respect to the Moon in the birth or Navmansha chart or both also indicates the probability of cheating.

5. Conjunction of Mars and Venus especially in signs of Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Scorpio give an insatiable sexual drive which may result in infidelity in marriage.

6. Conjunctions of Mars and Venus in the Nakshatra of Bharni indicate the probability of cheating in marriage.

7.Involvement of the 8th house and or its lord with any of the above mentioned conjunctions tend to make such extramarital affairs more secretive and not easy to detect.

Solutions for married life issues

Having explained all these factors which if were analysed before the ,arriage could have saved this serious issue. I can only say hard luck to those who have unrest in their married life. Now to overcome the the behavioural/unintentional issues explained there are concrete solutions to this problem. 
I can only say hard luck to those who have unrest in their married life. Now to overcome the behavioral/unintentional issues explained, there are concrete solutions to this problem. One can perform small rituals but self-performed rituals and not that you hire someone to do these rituals for you. Because you performing it means there is an intent to resolve the problem & your own doing it connects you to the divine power in correcting the particular distorted trait. Another best solution is to go for a post-marriage counseling session. Here the aggrieved persons are interviewed individually, explained about their own weak points correlating the same with his/her horoscope. Making them understand the expectations of the other partner, need to sacrifice wherever required. Then if the need arises, a joint meeting is held between all persons concerned. But yes, if the reason is Intentional i.e the infidelity, there are solutions in astrology but my take here is that good senses prevail upon them.
Mind you if due to any of these reasons, you do not settle to make yours a happy married life, any subsequent step like divorce / second marriage may again play a spoilsport in your life. Because these types of scars do not go away from your life. And also if you can not save one marriage, that means you are not ready to improve. You seem to have wasted time reading all this. But here again, let me tell you that the problem in your married life directly affects many of your other houses & most important of them is your professional life. Yes, I mean it. So please save your marriage. God bless you !!.