Marriage Life Problem Solution By Astrologer

Marriage Life Problem

What Can Cause Problems in Married Life?

Before getting married, the elders take utmost care and have the compatibility checked and ensure that the Kundlis of both bride and bridge groom matches. In spite of doing this, so many issues surface in the married life. Why? This is because of improper introspection of our own selves deeply connected with the impact of so many other factors. Life becomes miserable owing to small issues, which once identified from the Kundlis of the couples can bring a dramatic change in married life, full of satisfaction and bliss.
The following are some of the factors that are to be scrutinized and corrected to make a married life a total success:

1. Social and economic status of the spouse/family
2. Echoes
3. Transparency
4. Mutual trust
5. Interferences of outsiders
6. Ability to communicate clearly
7. Hidden factors in the past life
8. Post marriage attraction
9. Sexual compatibility

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Dr. Bajrangi, the trustworthy Hindu Vedic Astrologer in Delhi, reviews all the factors from your Kundli thereof and identifies the main reasons attributing to the problems in married life. Once identified, he finds remedies to do away with them forever. Some cases might involve short-term remedies with long rum Karma Korrection in that direction. Get love marriage problem solution by Specialist astrologer Dr. Bajrangi.