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Marriage of children living abroad in the country

All parents wish their children will live a happy and prosperous life. They will have a bright future. It has become the trend that most children want to study and make their career abroad. Parents also give them full support in fulfilling their golden dreams. 

Significant challenges faced by parents of marriageable children

Children barely want to broach the subject of marriage at the right time. When parents want to discuss the marriage proposal, the children either turn the matter around or sometimes even disconnect the phone. They do not understand the confusion and pain in the mind of their parents.

There is no doubt that all parents have woven dreams of happy married life for their children. They also create images in their mind regarding the future life partner of their children. However, in these circumstances, their aspirations do not align with their children's aspirations.

Choosing the right life partner for children living abroad is a big problem

Parents need to choose a partner for their children who matches their environment and can quickly become part of the family. They love to choose someone who understands and respects their social values. On the other hand, it becomes tough for children to find such a life partner abroad. It is challenging to search abroad for someone who can fulfill your expectations. It is highly complicated to find a  suitable life partner of your religion, caste, and age abroad. These problems are highly responsible for delays in the marriage of such children. There is immense pressure on the children to get married at the right age and pursue their careers. Many of these children reach 30, 32, 36, or sometimes even 40, but they feel helpless to find the right partner who has never been married. On the other hand, their parents also go through extreme mental stress or keep trying hoping that their children will soon get a suitable life partner.

Significant reasons for the delay in marriage according to astrology

If you do your best to explore the reasons behind the marriage delay or delay in marriage, you know that many factors can be held responsible for such issues. In astrology, the seventh house is considered to be of life partner. Sometimes, many planets together create obstacles in the work of the lord of your seventh house. Some planets strongly desire that they should first make you a leader in position and prestige. Some planets prefer to get you respect and wealth in society. They want you to make a star of society. However, some devious planets do not want you to get married now. As a result, your seventh house is ruled by some malefic planets, which makes your marriage difficult.

If your children live abroad or, for some reason, are not getting married even after your continuous efforts, we request all those parents to show us their children's horoscope at least once.

If you check your child's growth pattern, it is worth noting that till now, your child has had success in their studies, career, job, and everything. The credit for this goes to their hard work and to some divine power that always supports them. But when it comes to their marriage, this great power creates problems instead of supporting them.  

Does astrology have a solution to your problems?

We are confident that your horoscope is the key to all your problems. You can get an accurate horoscope analysis from us. We will remove hurdles in your marriage journey with our small remedies. These little remedies are strong enough to change your mood, that is, change your way of thinking. It will not be in your interest to delay this work anymore because, with time, the chances of not getting married have become more assertive. And you are forced to go through more painful situations.


We request parents show their child's horoscope once so that we can see how we can ease their child's path. It has been our privilege to help many people whose marriages were delayed or whose horoscopes indicate no marriage yoga. They got the desired results after following the remedies. You also do not stand to be deprived of this facility and must show your horoscope to us.

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