The famous saying ‘Going to bed without dinner is better than rising in debt’, stays redundant in this fastpaced world where economics rules and superficial credit lines significantly boost the status of an individual. But sometimes this mindless spree of borrowing takes a person into such a grip that coming out from it becomes impossible. And to ward off creditors, if one has to indulge in another loan, then understand that this Rahu is full-blown, and all the other planets are subdued under its shadow. This Rahu disables the 6th lord and its house (the house of debt) and activates the lord and house of expenditure and borrowing (the 12th house in the horoscope). Many people, whose ‘Rahu’ has rubbed them on the wrong side and are under ever-rising debt, visit me for their chart interpretation but with a wrong concern. It is not them, but their ‘Rahu’ that asks the questions which chiefly is to take them in the maze of loans further. Some of the questions often asked are ‘when will a particular loan get sanctioned that can pull me out my miseries’, ‘when will I start paying back my creditors’, ‘when will my company start yielding money so that I start repaying my loans’, ‘when will I get my share of inheritance’, ‘what can be done to further influence my father to part with his money’, ‘what can be done to influence the banks to give more loans’, ‘why am I not able to mortgage or rent out my home/workplace for enhanced credit lines or not able to find tenants’ and ‘what to do to fend off creditors’. There are instances when a happy situation gets transformed into a miserable one by taking a series of wrong decisions. Those under the illusionary web of ‘Rahu’ become such brave hearts that their power to access the negative situation crumbles and for them, victory remains just around the corner. Although immediate relief is not for those who have ventured too deep into a situation of unmanageable loans, but a useful insight can still be made from their horoscope and a safe way can be worked out for them. But for those who are yet to take the plunge or are planning to re-strengthen themselves by further loans can benefit by systematic horoscope reading. Over the years, I have specialised in getting people out of this web. Read similar insights more on Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi, a PHD Scholar in Astrology at or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588.