Sometimes we face the situation of having low income or may be after a stage we feel there is no scope of getting income. Don't get dis-appointed, get its reply astrologically through analysis of your horoscope.

Low income does not necessarily means the person is earning less but it can be an effect of over - expenditure also. Also sometimes, the person is destined to get income from the other sources including the same from inheritance. But if we do not know the reasons why we are strapped in a situation of low income, we probably draw wrong conclusions , take wrong decisions whereas the fate has something different for us.

Astrology through proper reading of the charts of a native specially 2nd House the house of financial conditions including inflow & outflow of money, 8th House showing chances of sudden income, 4th House representing income from parental inheritance 10th & 11th House indicating incomes from Trade, Profession , Business, Govt favours, income from accumulated wealth ( rent, capital gains etc), but simultaneously 12th House could curtail the income with spends on enemies, law matters, medical emergencies.

All these factors have a direct influence on the overall financial status of a person. But none of the rule can be attributed universally to all natives as many things depend on the moon sign, planetary positions of sub Lords etc. Therefore one must know the exact reasons of low income or financial crises through proper analysis of one's own horoscope RATHER deriving own / known conclusions.

For specific guidance on low or no income, you can:

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