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Is love marriage the key to happiness?

Love is an emotion that keeps people bonded and committed to one another. We all yearn to be wrapped in a warm embrace at the end of the hard day. Hence, if there is a sense of love between two young people, they want to get married to spend the rest of their lives together. According to astrology, the fifth house belongs to love, and the seventh house belongs to marriage. Two lovers will marry if the fifth house is related to the seventh house. 

Is it essential to match the horoscope in a love marriage?

It is not universally accepted that horoscope matching is necessary for love marriages. Every person can have a different opinion on this matter. They may have different desires, values, opinions, and outlooks toward life. It doesn't matter how long the lovers have been in a relationship. They only see each other's good qualities when they are in love. But the accurate picture is revealed only when they get married and start living together. For a long time, this has been a controversial topic. These reasons, as mentioned earlier, make it necessary to write and read this article today.

Challenges faced in love marriage

We believe in the institution of marriage, whether it is love or arranged. Marriage is more than a physical union. It is also a spiritual and emotional union. It is a lifelong commitment, so once the marriage is done, there should not be a rift in it. Love marriage has advantages, such as better understanding, self-satisfaction, well knowledge about the conduct, behavior, financial condition, and shortcomings of the love partner and their families. Hence there are negligible chances of arising conflicts over these issues. But a love marriage faces the most significant hurdle when couples pretend to know each other. Sometimes the whole purpose of their marriage is suspicious. Furthermore, they are not aware of their difficulties after marriage, nor do they know how to deal with them.

Here, you must understand that love marriage is still taboo in India. Couples in these circumstances show indomitable courage, enabling them to cope with adverse circumstances created by their family and society. However, their love balloon will burst once their little differences become heated arguments. They dont feel ashamed to ask for separation with the same courage. They are not affected by those who explain now in the same way they were not affected by those who explained before.

Are there any problems due to the mismatch of horoscopes?

The things described above mean that the transit of planets greatly influences your psychology and encourages you to do it arbitrarily. When this arbitrarily turns adverse, then the problems increase from all sides. The trouble in love marriage is that the horoscopes are not matched, and a person cannot avoid these troubles in the future. Due to the unawareness of future events, people usually dont take precautionary measures to deal with the high and low phases of their life. Without love, people are less courageous and try their best to remain together after marriage. Hence you are advised to fall in love as well as get married. But before marriage, you must analyze your birth chart with your would-be partner. So that you may not suffer after marriage, sweetness and smoothness can be maintained in your relationship.

Otherwise, in these kinds of cases. One-third of your life will be spent going in and around the court. In this case, love marriage will not be the key to happiness anymore, but it becomes a curse of life that will spoil your present and future. Due to this, all your future dreams will get shattered. Consequently, you will not be able to pay attention to your career or personal life. It will become challenging for you to see other good things in life. Nobody wants this type of life. In this regard, we ask all who love to love. However, if you are wise enough to display your birth chart somewhere and know what issues may arise, you may have the courage to live the future responsibly.


Ultimately, love is a divine feeling. You will surely take your relationship to marriage if you love somebody. But before that, do check the horoscope once. Otherwise, you may face a lot of troubles in your life. Furthermore, you can read our other editions in various newspapers, which include Hindustan Times, Times of India, Amar Ujala, etc., by clicking on the link on our website because we have discussed exciting things related to astrology there as well.