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Will your Luck Shine After Marriage?

Bhagyodaya is understood as the starting of a good time that occurs because of past life good deeds. It has an essential relation with success. It is considered the auspicious time when failure in life ceases, and all your efforts lead to success. When your luck shines depends on several factors. Some people get lucky soon, while most get lucky after marriage. According to astrology, the ninth house of the horoscope represents fortune, and the seventh house represents married life. If we deeply analyze the ninth and seventh houses in the horoscope, it can be ascertained whether the person's fortune will shine after marriage. Besides this, there are also some planetary yogas in the horoscope, which indicate good luck after marriage. 
Astrology states that some yogas in one's birth chart bring good luck after marriage. If you have the two fundamental pillars of luck and hard work, nobody can stop you from achieving success. Hard work is personal means it is in your hands. But you can't control your luck. A person's luck can be linked to their children, parents, or life partner. You must have noticed that some people struggling to survive suddenly reach the heights of success immediately after their marriage. This all becomes possible due to the kindness of their luck.

The Live Examples Of Misfortune

Atul Kumar Singh is 34 years old today but has yet to marry. Even though he has a good income and pleasing looks, he fails to meet any compatible partner. This is Dr. Jaspreet Kaur's 36 birthday. She is an experienced Orthopedic and is deprived of marriage. Although she has a strong desire to get married, circumstances never come in her favor. There is one more case of Narendra Mohan Gupta, unmarried even at 45. He gives up getting married because he no longer gets any marriage proposals.
Similarly, 38-year-old Kishor Verma recently got married but subsequently separated. Now, all alone and scared of the very name of marriage. The example mentioned earlier belongs to persons rich in respect, reputation, position, and finance. But, still, they fail to find a suitable partner and are forced to live a single life. On a thorough examination of such horoscopes, it is known that this person is an ascendant or lord of the ascendant who always doubts or remains suspicious of his talents. 

Examining such horoscopes reveals that this person has an ascendant or Lord of the ascendant who doubts their abilities. Furthermore, they underestimate their accomplishments and are always worried about the future. In strengthening themselves before marriage, they forget to notice the power of time. 

Marriage can bring you luck. Is this true?

Marriage is a physical union and karmic bondage between two people. Yes, it is a fact that in most horoscopes, luck comes after marriage. Because after marriage, your partner's luck will get added to your luck. Let's try to understand this with an example. If an individual stays single, it may take approximately 34 years to achieve some of their goals before marriage. When they get married, they has a better chance of achieving the same goals between 30 and 31 years old. Likewise, if you are also setting these goals in your mind, you are directly challenging Bhagyesh, or the God of Luck. If you have a horoscope to check, don't let such a disaster happen to you. It may be possible that luck comes your way only after your marriage. 

Significance of Marriage Chakras In your horoscope

According to astrology, there are many cycles of getting married. Let's try to understand the concept. Suppose the marriage chakra in your horoscope first time awakens for one year at the age of 22 or the second time for one year at the age of 28 or the third time for one year at the age of 35. These marriage cycles come in a person's life a maximum of four or five times. Sometimes, we miss three or four of these limited cycles and ignore marriage. In such a situation, only one or two cycles are left means a person is left with the very minimum opportunity to get married. But, sometimes, some circumstances create hurdles in the path of marriage and do not allow marriages to take place even within these cycles. Thus, we urge you not to place yourself in such an uncomfortable situation. Once you reach a certain age, it becomes more challenging to overcome, and you become surrounded by unusual circumstances.