Basic fundamental - We are a good judge when we have to critically examine someone but tend to become a good lawyer when it comes to defend ourselves.

We all know the famous proverbs i.e “Destiny is pre-defined “ AND “we reap what we sow”  then what & how can, astrology help us. We all feel what we do is right but then how some of our own Karmas ( deeds) get flawed & do we ever realise why it happens or what forces us to perform Good or Bad Karmas. No one performs or intends performing Bad Karmas.  

What is Karma.

Let me explain. Our life has 2 types of Karmas. DRIDH ( fixed from the past life) & ADRIDH ( modifiable in the present life). Now if Dridh Karmas can not be manipulated then should we accept the destiny as it comes. The answer is NO. We can & surely should manage or even manipulate our Adridh Karmas & that is where the role of Karma Korrection comes.

Can Karma be controlled.

Jupiter a planet of expansion, if goes uncontrolled or operating at lower, can give us miseries like lack in hope, unrealistic ambitions,  unwanted optimism, greed etc for external expansion, leading a native to err in the modes operandi whereas a positive & higher operative Jupiter helps you expand internally with faith, belief & self realisation.

There is either something amiss in us which has to be implanted or there may something too much which has to be curtailed & that is where I do the balancing act for you. Generally people confine Astrological Solutions to remedial measures, rituals or Gemstones but can any such things , change what even Brahma ( the Creator) can not change, without correcting our own flawed deeds. Learn More

Come !!! witness the world of Karma Korrection.

At the outset understand what is Karma Korrection. It is the summery of all odds or wrongs happened or committed in the past which primarily become the reasons of your present problems or situations that you face at present. Once identified, I tell you what & how you should mend your ways in life & this is KARMA KORRECTION.


I read your horoscope so as to analyze all the possibilities but I also check what all is stopping you to reach the desired goals. These hurdles may vanish once you change the way you look at the world.

This is a unique tool developed by me after research of above 2 decades & an attempt to show you the mirror so that you could understand all the short comings which are stopping you to achieve the desired goals.

Let me check your charts especially the D-1, D-9, D-12, D-30 and D60 charts. Let me see the quantum of Narada , Agastya and the Durbhasa in you so that the correct techniques of correcting your karmic journey of present life  be applied on to you. Its helps you to control the miseries of your present life & lay a good path for next lives.

Let me assure you it changes your perception about the life.