job issue


Job related issues are foremost related to our career & any learned astrologer will need the accuracy in your birth time upto 1 minute. IF you do not have the accuracy in birth details to this level, mostly predictions towards your job Problems are likely to flaw. So be sure about it before consulting any astrologer.

Now we have multiple job related issues like No job, stress in job, low profile job, job in which stream, hurdles in promotions. All this can be analysed reading through your D -9, D-10, D-30 & D-60 Charts and seeing particular dasha in your horoscope .

Now once you have the accurate birth details,  overall analysis , reasons for your job related issues, you get guidance & confidence what & how to come out of this. 

40 out of 100 people well settled in job, also can have issues in the next 5 years as per global study which has direct relevance to Indian Conditions. Learn more 

Meanwhile people having issues in job must make some simple efforts to improve positivity of Sun & Saturn in your life. 

1. Take some water in copper vessel , add jaggery to it & offer it to God Sun within 1 hour of the Sunrise,

2. Place some black lentils, jaggery & blue covered flowers nearby peepal tree on Saturdays. This will calm down the negative impact of external or internal forces to reduce impediments in your problems. 

 3. Have a look at both of your palms upon waking up in the morning.

4. Take small slices of lime, pierce 4 nos of cloves within it, take it in your right hand, recite "Om Shree Hanumathe Namaha" with complete devotion and then put it in your purse or pocket. This will give you success.

For specific guidance on job issues, you can:

*NOTE-  Online Report can take 4-5 working days as it is given only by Dr. Bajrangi after detailed analysis.