Are you :

In Business and want to switch to a well paid job?

  • In job and planning to start a small business?
  • Are you trying to expand?
  • In a dilemmatic position that what to do?

Your horoscopes hold the key to all these questions.

Come know what suits you best: a job or a Business. 

Many a times such a decision is taken based on heredity, social influences, sorroundings or circumstances. It is always better to spend few minutes with a good astrologer before taking a decision regarding selection of right career.  

Most important & leading factor here is to know that your horoscope depicts &  leads you towards success as an EMPLOYEE or an EMPLOYER. A person could draw best of the results from many planets and traits as an employee. But then seeing succees in job, it is a common temptation to jump into business and more so in the same stream or line of business. This can reverse the results totally and same person can fail miserably as an Employer. 

This maze in unsolvable if your horoscope which is the D-1 chart is not read in tandem with D-2, D-4, D-9, D-10, D-30 and D-60.

Only after reading these charts it can be decided that what is most benefic for you.

You shouldn’t we waiting, just come up with your birth details rest leave it on to me.

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