Is Shani Dangerous?


Is Shani Dangerous?

The common misconception most people have is that Shani is dangerous, who mercilessly takes away their peace. Does Shani give only troubles? Is its effect really bad? “If you have such questions in your mind, expel them right away,” says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the renowned Hindu Vedic Astrologer in Delhi NCR. Just like planets can become your friends, Shani can also become your friend. Can a friend do harm to you?

Yes! By nature, Shani is a cruel planet. However, if you befriend Shani, he’ll not cause any harm to you. As a matter of fact, he’ll stand by you all the time, and protect you. If you analyze the Kundli (birth chart) of great people in our country, you’ll understand that they are not tormented much. This is because Shani is their comrade. Besides, they have befriended “Raahu” and “Kethu” too. More importantly, they’re receiving maximum benefit from “Mangal.” If you become a friend of all these planets, how can they think of tormenting a friend even in their remote imagination?

Shani sits in your “Bhaav.” All that he says is do whatever work you do with patience and meticulous spirit. Essentially a friend will listen to his or her friend. So, if you start listening to Shani, you’ll be his buddy. On the contrary, if you don’t listen to him, how can Shani thinking of being a friend to you?

In general, there are 12 signs, 12 Bhaavs, and 27 Nakshathras. What is Shani’s position? What is he expecting from you? And, how you can draw his attention and befriend him? All these can be discerned only after reading ones birth chart. If you have been crying out in anguish every now and then, you must think of befriending the vindictively tormenting planets. To know how and when to do this, visit Bajrangi Dhaam and show your Kundli to pandithji.