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Ht City Delhi 24.2.19- Improve Your Fate With Astrology 
You think that you win because of you and you lose because of your fate. I hereby reveal something strange; Your fate is the one who loves you more than you love yourself but once you start exploiting it, it can become your worst enemy and can prevent any positive yoga to flourish.  The more one indulges in Illicit relationships with negative planets the more dormant the positive Yogas become. Over time these positive or result giving Yogas goes in such inactiveness that it becomes practically impossible to reap benefit out of it. Someone's hard work in not recognized or paid, someone not aptly compensated, someone not reaching the heights despite being competent, some striving hard even for minuscule things and not getting it, are the few examples where the horoscope does have the positive Yogas, but they all lay in a sleeping mode. Answer me that while looking backwards do you ever feel that you could have done much better or do you ever feel that the fate was unkind to you and it acted step-brotherly with you; do you ever think that your peers were somewhat more blessed than you or have you suddenly started realizing that you are all alone and you have single handed achieved what you have today, or you have the feeling the world has always been unkind to you, or you have to struggle more than what other do for the same results. If you have any of the above feelings and these feeling are becoming stronger by each passing day, then one thing is for sure that the burden of the negative planets has surpassed the positive planets and the Yogas formed by them. If not shrugged off these planets can retard the progress of the native to the extent that any progress ceases to happen. Astrologically this is known as the ‘Bhandhan' or the restriction Yoga which can cease the financial, career, health or the relationship progress of anyone but this Bhandhan can be easily un-wound by massaging the Bhadhak or restrictor planets of the horoscope. You can very well make every house act as if it controls your ‘Bhagya’ or fate. Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi a vedic astrologer for all type of astrological predictions & astrology reading online. Read more on his blogs.