7 Important Factors of Naddi Vastu |Astrologically

nadi vastu

Important factors to be observed in Vastu :

  1. The Master bedroom should be towards South.
  2. The Kitchen must always be in Southeast direction. Alternatively, it can be in Northwest or eastern side maintaining the fire factor n southeast direction in that place. There is also a provision to have a kitchen in the northeast side of the house. However, it should be after the pooja-room so that it falls towards east side having fire factor to the extreme southeast corner. All said and done it is better to maintain the first option to have a kitchen in southeast
  3.  The Toilet (Not bathroom) should be in southwest (Rahu’s) direction in any room.
  4.  The Bathroom should be separated from the toilet, and it should be towards East or Eastside in any room.
  5. The Southwest place is of Rahu, and it should not be sloped down towards Southwest as Rahu is a retro planet, slopes that side will cause problems to Jupiter/Venus (native) as Rahu will be pulling them easily towards his mouth. To restrict his effect usually apart from maintaining height in that corner more weight is also kept.
  6. Sloping should be toward Northern portion allowing water to flow in that direction (Moon expenses and worries should flow towards energies in that direction to control it).
  7. The pooja room must be in Northeast corner (if no place is available to make some arrangement to keep the God in that direction and light the lamp and incense sticks daily.)

To have the Main door in Northeast corner is a myth and it blocks the provision of having windows on two sides and the pooja-room in the northeast. Try to provide two windows left and right side from inside house facing entrance door. This ensures well being of the male and female folks and the prosperity to the entire family.

Where toilet and bathroom are standard in bedrooms, keep the raw salt packets changing every dark moon day. To overcome bad effects of the wrong direction of bathroom and toilet keep enemy articles in those places.

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