Importance Of Shodasa Vargas And Their Significations:

Shodasa Vargas

Shodasa vargas

There are many areas in classical astrology that have received only scant treatment at the hands of the ancient Rishis and even the later writers and commentators. The Vargas or the sub-divisional charts are mentioned everywhere but nowhere are we told how to make use of them.What the different divisional charts stand for has been given in most textbooks.

I shall only list the Shodasa vargas and their significations here:

Rasi – Physical appearance, health, and entire life.

Hora – Wealth, securities, assets.

Drekanna – Happiness through brothers.

Chaturtamsa – Fortune.

Saptamsa – sons, grandsons, children.

Navamsa – Wife.

Dasamsa – Matters of great importance, career, honor, awards, fame.

Dwasasamsa – Parents.

Shodasamsa – Benefits, and adversities through vehicles.

Vimsamsa – Spiritual life, Ishta Devata, Sadhana.

Chaturvimsamsa – Learning, education.

Bhamsa – Strength, and weakness.

Trimsamsa – Evil effects.

Khavedamsa – Auspicious and inauspicious effects.

Shashtiamsa – Totality of results.

Of all the Shodasa vargas, Trimsamsa s commonly referred to glean all about the chastity or otherwise of a female by almost all writers.

Fundamental principles of horoscopic delineation can be applied to the divisional charts to obtain fairly good results. Natural benefits, generally, tone up a have and their influence on the Ascendant or concerned Bhava in a divisional chart will have a benefit effect. But it must always be remembered that a divisional chart is but an off-shoot of the Rasi chart and must perforce be read against its background.

         To start with, the Rasi chart must warrant an event or signification in the first place. For instance, the Chaturvimsamsa (1/24th) chart gives clues as to one’s Vidya or education.