How to identify mousetrap in Vedic Astrology

mousetrap in Vedic Astrology

A very steep rise in career can be an indication of mousetrap. Same way sometimes some miracles (read at the bottom) become game changer for life. Why does it happen, can be forewarned reading through the activation techniques in horoscope. Vedic Astrology has sufficient methods to read activation of such mousetraps or miracles in life. Now read little more about it in my latest column in HT City.   

Best ways to avoid ugly surprises

Through the activation technique, it becomes a lot easier to diagnose the horoscope in the right earnest. Last Sunday, I narrated how this technique helps in pinpointing the specific area of the problem without letting one getting lost in managing superficial things. Everyone experiences at least once in their life when the real problem remains under a veil, many smaller issues try to disguise and deviate the mind of the person due to which the careful redressal of the main problem is not done.

Activation astrology helps in pinpointing and restituting the issue in time. Today, I would like to emphasize upon a more serious issue the 'mousetrap' which too is experienced by most of us at one or other point of time. Rohit was a small-time floor manager in a garment factory in Surat. He was averagely qualified and was accordingly paid by the employers. He possessed a unique quality of being extra loyal and utterly humble towards his bosses. This quality of his did not get unnoticed, and he started benefitting out of it by getting additional incentives than others. Quick promotions followed the extra incentives. He also began to supersede his superiors.

A time came in life when he was given a non-contributory directorship in the company where he once joined as a floor manager. His emotions were at cloud nine. His status saw a steep rise. The once owner of an old scooter was now an owner of a chauffeur-driven car. But his nature towards his employers remained as humble and obedient as ever. Now, Rohit was doing excellent, but as per astrology, it was superficial as he had ventured in the mouse's trap. The company was expanding; they needed a director who could sign various agreements for loans and debts, thereby taking responsibility for them. But the new schemes which the company had made could not go long and eventually busted.

The overseas business of the company virtually closed when the recession hit the western world. Many court cases were slapped on to the company, and poor Rohit was also made accountable for all those losses. Although the primary stake holders of the company also suffered extraordinary losses. Now for them, it was their own gamble but Rohit a mere employee who rose to extraordinary heights in no time had to pay as he ventured into a trap, which was so strong that he was not to come out the miseries soon. Prison, Lawyers, and unemployment ate whatever he had earned.

He still has to visit the courts while the original promoters remain absconding and untraceable. Activation of such traps can be seen through a scientific reading of the horoscope so better act timely.

Same way understand some miracles becoming game changer in life.

  1. A particular employee is retained miraculously while all in the entire team are served the pink slip.
  2. When someone gets an assignment or a totally new role is given out of the blue.
  3. Sudden death of someone on who’s your whole depends.
  4. A person is saved miraculously from a dreaded accident.
  5. An orphan is adopted by someone.
  6. You win a lottery or rewarding puzzle or quiz.
  7. Sometimes one passes an exam against hopes.
  8. You win an order or deal that would change the life.
  9. Sudden and death prone disease occurs.
  10.  Suddenly trapped in litigations, crimes etc.

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